BTS (방탄소년단) 'Danger' Official Teaser #1

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 11, 2014
  • 2014.8.20. BTS 1st Full Album 'DARK&WILD' will be Released!BTS Official Homepage http://bts.ibighit.comBTS Blog http://btsblog.ibighit.comBTS Facebook


  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee  a years ago +87

    its so weird reading old comments saying things like "Lets buy the albums and hope BTS gets a big win from this!" And it really makes me realize that in comparison to 2014 vs now, (2018) BTS have really come a long way

  • MADKeith201
    MADKeith201  5 years ago +826

    To all A.R.M.Y's :
    Competition is going to be hard, we are going up against WINNER and Taemin, but we gotta show who BTS is and we gotta prove them that our boys diserve a win. Please for the love of BTS, when the mv drops vote EVERYDAY and watch the MV here. Also please share it. We gotta get our boys their first win, lets show them what we ARMY's are made of :D #BTSDarkandWild #Danger #ARMYs

  • Samantha Oyon
    Samantha Oyon  4 months ago +49

    so many old comments, i feel like ive stepped into another time period lmao
    boy with love 2019, fighting!

  • Dinocorn
    Dinocorn  5 years ago +257

    Dayuuuum son. This group is SERIOUS. They mean BUSINESS. Like seriously. The people up against this comeback better watch out.

  • Roro Sung
    Roro Sung  3 years ago +437

    I have no idea what i'm doing here but V's long hair is lit !

  • nolifedotcom1234
    nolifedotcom1234  5 years ago +370

    i was playing this on my tv and TBH this looks more like a Comercial for a sports brand or something. not a music video teaser.. lol

  • R.Rodriguez0309
    R.Rodriguez0309  5 years ago +124

    i hope they don't get screwed over in MV views. this time around. I hope LOEN and BIGHIT agree in uploading in one account only!

  • ImmFuu
    ImmFuu  5 years ago +185

    Idk how many times I've come back just to watch this all day LOOL

  • Sharon Marodza
    Sharon Marodza  5 years ago +165

    from CUTE BOYS to REAL MEN to PORN STARS...#proud.

  • LittleSpiceOfChloe
    LittleSpiceOfChloe  5 years ago +167

    Everyone please buy the album physical and digital! LETS get Bts to win this time, we got compition but I think we can pull through

  • fueledbyASL
    fueledbyASL  2 years ago +28

    This is where things get serious and all the conspiracies start

  • katherine o.
    katherine o.  4 years ago +26

    Danger is a legend.

  • Jaida Lee
    Jaida Lee  5 years ago +42


  • Thảo Thanh
    Thảo Thanh  2 years ago +94

    now it's connecting to wings O.o

  • yeojacete
    yeojacete  5 years ago +49

    Ok so you guys have seen recent photoshoot pics right? Doesn't rapmon look sexy af tho?

  • - is not korean due to technical errors

    Remember back then when bighit hints a lot of parts from the music
    Now they legit only hinted one line.

  • so ackward
    so ackward  5 years ago +512


  • JIMIN loves to hit me
    JIMIN loves to hit me  3 years ago +98

    Who else watched this after Bighit dropped the Fire teaser?

  • C. Shen
    C. Shen  3 years ago +16

    omg this is so good. jin looked thrillingly hot in this teaser

  • Erendira Martinez
    Erendira Martinez  2 years ago +13

    Jin wearing that Dope shirt