The Truth Untold / Outro: Tear / Mic Drop

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 15, 2019
  • Love Yourself Japan Fukuoka

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  • calico cat
    calico cat  14 days ago +862

    One of the best thing about BTS is that each member has their own charm and skill that differ from one another. When combined makes a powerful combo. They are each other's strengths and weakness. They lift each other, number of performances and success were never a competition for them.

  • Anusha Patil
    Anusha Patil  29 minutes ago +1

    Why is no one talking about whole bts

  • Tenzin Tashi
    Tenzin Tashi  yesterday

    I keep watching the truth untold and other songs with Jimin's high notes in it because I always cry of joy, and whenever it's his high note part I always repeat to myself "he did it, he really did it!" Because I know how Jimin is a perfectionist and that he wants to do his best. Also because Jimin tries VERY Hard to get the notes perfect, it hurts me to see him sad or crying after he does something "wrong" I love him even if he isn't perfect, no one is perfect, and while we're on the topic, anyone who is reading this now, you're not perfect, nor am I, we should love ourselves because we aren't perfect but we're unique. So please, take care of yourself, don't cry, well make it through together, fighting

  • radia douae
    radia douae  yesterday

    Please jonkook look l love you
    A.R.M.Y 😚😍☺👍😇

  • Nurseda Gunal
    Nurseda Gunal  yesterday


  • Maria N.
    Maria N.  yesterday

    why am I crying

  • Gabriela Leite
    Gabriela Leite  yesterday

    N colocou a tag do jin pq amore? Ele n canta na música não?

  • Yxng_est -_-
    Yxng_est -_-  yesterday

    They all did good they do great teamwork son that makes them awesome there the bes. Keep going BTS #bestgroup in the world

  • Oanh Mai
    Oanh Mai  yesterday

    Where is the concert?

  • Lula's V
    Lula's V  yesterday

    TTU and Tear are very emotional. When I listened these songs for the first time, I felt so sad and broken

  • -Anna Army-
    -Anna Army-  yesterday

    Povo calado nesse show.....

  • Madison Miles
    Madison Miles  2 days ago +1

    Omg tae sounds so good..

    Omg jk sounds so good...

    Jins voice is literally my favorite thing ever

    Jimin put his whole heart into his words

    Wtf I’m losing my mind

    Yo tear hits different period. They all sing but yoongi and hobi singing....I keep forgetting how talented they are

  • Astrid Ramos
    Astrid Ramos  2 days ago

    Is too much beautiful for me :')

  • Samy Mora
    Samy Mora  2 days ago

    Chale, si me awite

  • I'm your sunshine


  • Uma kpopper assumida
    Uma kpopper assumida  2 days ago +2

    50% falando do Jin
    40%falando dos outros membros
    1% falando do Jungkook
    Que chatisse,o Jungkook tbm esta ai!!

  • baby stan
    baby stan  2 days ago +2

    I just watched it and it feels like it was just uploaded yesterday. They never lack impact. 💜

  • maria cecilia castelblanco

    Amo esas canciónes bts cambio mi manera de vivir soy muy feliz cuando estoy trizte molesta o muy feliz estas caciones me vuelven hacer estable

  • nguyen thanh dung nguyen

    jimmin cute

  • 김문숙
    김문숙  3 days ago

    Angelic voice of best💜❤💗