Which Celebrity Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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  • BumblBrad
    BumblBrad  1 months ago +2502

    Cookie: Burnt to an absolute crisp
    Beanie guy: Yeah its a bit undercooked for me....

  • triston george
    triston george  21 days ago +932

    “we got three of our friends to test them in a blind taste test”
    the beanie guy is not our friend..

  • PepsiHard
    PepsiHard  28 days ago +734

    this whole comment section is the beanie guy hate club

  • F A
    F A  21 days ago +466

    “This is a cookie for people who love drama”
    Camera switches to beanie guy

  • Midnight Angela 晴晴
    Midnight Angela 晴晴  28 days ago +636

    Make a cookie with rocks and super glue, then give it to the beanie guy.
    He’ll love it.

  • Ethan Sip
    Ethan Sip  1 months ago +2644

    I'm allergic to whatever Mr. Beanie is.

  • 4zketke 4l
    4zketke 4l  21 days ago +362

    I bet my whole life that if Mr. Beanie got served a chips ahoy cookie he would be like: nOw tHiS iS a GoOD CoOkie.🙄

  • Gabriel Emilio
    Gabriel Emilio  28 days ago +223

    The dude in a beard here thinking he’s so intelectual and shit, but the guy is just rude

  • Oc Giveaway
    Oc Giveaway  21 days ago +130

    Everybody is talking about how rude the judges were but imagine how the person who cooked them feels ☹️🥺

  • Sai Sainathuni
    Sai Sainathuni  21 days ago +423

    Beanie Guy: 3:21
    World suicide rates: *increases by 90%*

  • WackyWatermelon
    WackyWatermelon  4 months ago +9129

    Beanie guy: Breaks cookie with hands
    It's just falling apart

  • Isabelle Buteaud
    Isabelle Buteaud  28 days ago +206

    The beard dude probably doesn’t know how to make a cookie🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

  • Blue Whale
    Blue Whale  21 days ago +161

    Its unfortunate that you cant make the real snoop's cookie recipe. Where the weed at

  • Tora Goutsiaris
    Tora Goutsiaris  28 days ago +140

    The bearded beanie guy was trying to be like to simon cowell in this situation
    Lol he cant

  • Oc Giveaway
    Oc Giveaway  21 days ago +203

    Beanie guy:
    I- I like a more *CRISPY cookie
    Gets A Burnt Cookie :

  • JayJay Studios
    JayJay Studios  7 months ago +8401

    The guy with the Beanie is annoying me cuz he doesn’t like soft cookies... wats rong wit chu

  • katie wong
    katie wong  1 months ago +100

    6:39 This is a cookie for people who loves drama
    *Immediately cut to beanie guy*

  • Mona P
    Mona P  21 days ago +37

    That dude with the glasses lowkey likes to eat rocks.

  • Kathryn Dunn
    Kathryn Dunn  28 days ago +85

    The beanie guy pissed me off.
    Beanie guy” This is a bit undercooked “

  • Violet May
    Violet May  21 days ago +68

    I’m sorry but I really don’t like these ‘judges’ in these videos 😂
    ...who else?