Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 19, 2018
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  a years ago +8834

    Overtime Ep. 2 launches MONDAY @ 5 PM CST! 🔥

  • Bolt Mix
    Bolt Mix  a years ago +1767

    You misspelled the tittle, it should be
    "American Rugby vs Football"

  • sreeja jayaraj
    sreeja jayaraj  1 months ago +815

    Whos better
    Comment=Dude Perfect

  • Shakeela Arif
    Shakeela Arif  21 days ago +426


  • Pulse clan Mobile Fortnite

    Anyone watching in August 2019 ?👌👍🏻

  • Samuel v.l.hmangaiha Hmangaiha

    Whos better
    Comment=Dude Perfect

  • Amina 1495
    Amina 1495  4 months ago +2507

    Which is better
    Soccer = like

  • Charlee Meme Review
    Charlee Meme Review  7 days ago +33

    Which do u like better?
    L: F2 ⚽️
    C: DP 🏈

  • Maen Mallah
    Maen Mallah  14 days ago +89

    Don't know how many tries you need for the final cut. But the amount of skill it takes to hit the targets with the foot is way more that the hand accuracy.

  • Oh My Goat
    Oh My Goat  21 days ago +150

    You know the dril
    1. Ramos
    2. Suárez
    3. Messi
    4. Ronaldo
    5. Ter stegen
    6. Ronaldinho
    7. Hazard
    8. Rooney
    9. Sanchez
    0. Zidane

  • sachinsurya007
    sachinsurya007  5 days ago +12

    You mean hand egg vs football?

  • Gabriel Mayoud
    Gabriel Mayoud  a years ago +679

    Football skills are so much more impressive than American football ones...

  • Jay Hwang
    Jay Hwang  7 days ago +17

    What's soccer?
    The title should be called American football Vs the real football

  • Иван Белобородов

    Надо Герману это видео скинуть,пусть проверит на наличие монтажа😂

  • Ayaaz Khan
    Ayaaz Khan  14 days ago +25

    Who's better
    Like= F2
    Comment = Tyler

  • dannmora
    dannmora  5 hours ago +2

    Don't care which are their names , every sport is beautiful

  • Bilgi Dünyası
    Bilgi Dünyası  a years ago +3679

    Who thinks F2 won this ?

  • Tom Bad
    Tom Bad  28 days ago +58

    Title should be "Football Vs American Football" 🙄🙄. Coming from a British individual here.

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z  yesterday +1

    Should be called american handball vs football.
    The football shots were a lot harder to make too.

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed  5 hours ago +1

    Dude Perfect: F2 took everything from me
    Me to F2: I don’t even know who you are