Stripping for Nuns, Backyard Funeral, Shopping Cart Disaster Pranks - Throwback Thursday

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 7, 2016
  • We'll bet our bottom dollar you'll find this TBT (like all others) H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S !

    #nunpranks #funeralpranks #shoppingpranks #sexypranks

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    Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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  • FeliX GaiAstral
    FeliX GaiAstral  4 days ago +1

    I know I am so late, but can ANYONE please tell me who the stripper is ?? 😍😍😍
    Any info will do (name, instagram,twitter,etc.), including another gags he's in.

  • Tay Loser
    Tay Loser  7 days ago

    6:37 her hand tho😂😂

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  • One Fat Piggy
    One Fat Piggy  21 days ago +1

    Omg who is that stripper? I wanna be his friend

  • desert punk
    desert punk  1 months ago

    Are they real nuns?

  • Amina Sen
    Amina Sen  1 months ago +1

    2:14 best reaction hhhhhh

  • Isabel Prieto
    Isabel Prieto  1 months ago +15

    I love how Canadians are so nice even after being pranked

  • Cari
    Cari  1 months ago +1

    The soup prank was rude.
    And the cart as well. Like come on, I want to shop. I am busy.

  • дрън дрън дрън

    Did somebody find the name of the stripper

  • Raduś
    Raduś  1 months ago

    Are there also such funny gags with Imams or Rabbis?

  • J and R stuff show
    J and R stuff show  1 months ago

    Hahaha omg!

  • Peanut Brittle
    Peanut Brittle  1 months ago

    I love that lady in the last part. She looks like about to faint from laughing😅

  • Brilliant Liza
    Brilliant Liza  1 months ago

    Спасибо Вам настроение 👍👍👍

  • Emran Khan
    Emran Khan  2 months ago


  • Michal Bales
    Michal Bales  2 months ago +1

    2010 2016 wtf

  • Sammiya Rai
    Sammiya Rai  2 months ago

    You ppl don't know the values of NUN dont make fun for money lil knowledge is dangerous for u

  • mer ef
    mer ef  2 months ago

    don't play by religion.

  • El Coralichi
    El Coralichi  2 months ago

    5:05 cutie😍😘😘

  • dinigirl 17
    dinigirl 17  2 months ago