American segregation, mapped at day and night

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 18, 2019
  • We work in diverse places. We live in segregated ones.

    Check out this interactive map that Alvin built, to see these effects for yourself:

    Correction: At 3:37, we mislabeled a map "Charlotte," but it is actually the Charleston metropolitan area.

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    America policies engineered our segregated homes. But the workplace? That had the chance of being a place where we interact with people of other races — and form meaningful relationships. These maps show that this hasn't exactly happened. In fact, the most personal parts of our lives is still very segregated. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • Vox
    Vox  7 months ago +2457

    Correction: at 3:37 the video mistakenly labels a map "Charlotte." The map shown is actually of the Charleston metropolitan area.

  • Canine University 101

    Woohoo, great city of Atlanta georgia is absent from this. We diverse and we love it.

  • Epic Username
    Epic Username  yesterday

    Other people have mentioned this, but I would love to see data from places like the UK.

    I live in Cornwall, and over here there is a very large white population. I know very few black people at all and I only have white friends.

    Compared to somewhere like London, which is possibly the most diverse city in the world, and I can imagine that would look very different.

  • Mark Landrebe
    Mark Landrebe  3 days ago

    Currently,far more blacks prefer segregation;
    something that Whites prefer, also.

  • Trey Noe
    Trey Noe  4 days ago

    @4:29 this becomes fiction... ya know why segregation is about the same? Because the number of colored people increased and... wait for it... you’ll never believe it... THE TOTAL population went up too.

  • Houssam Salmi
    Houssam Salmi  4 days ago

    I need to understand the meaning of the word " segregation " first Lol.

  • Jarvis Jackson
    Jarvis Jackson  5 days ago

    Wooow white people were mean😔😔😔

  • Doosy Doos
    Doosy Doos  6 days ago +4

    As long as different races exist, racism will always exist, change my mind.

  • -ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE

    Levittown, L.I. is still racist. Especially the police there.

  • tea time commenter
    tea time commenter  7 days ago +5

    so basically just because a place has a lot of white people working there means they are racist and completely segregated

  • MLG Carroll
    MLG Carroll  7 days ago +2

    lol to anyone who thinks the world will hold hands and live happily ever after. Of coarse races would rather stay together in a community. Its been like that since the beginning of times.

    We are either kings or pawns, emperors or fools - Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Mj S
    Mj S  7 days ago +1

    Perpogana video

  • Alexandria Parson
    Alexandria Parson  7 days ago +1

    "It was a HhWITE community".

  • Twitty Fatcat
    Twitty Fatcat  7 days ago

    It looks like whites spend more time on the road to get to their job than the other races.

  • Amit Chakraborty
    Amit Chakraborty  7 days ago

    So if I am company owner, I need to hire a 60% scoring non white kid over a 80% scoring white kid because of "diversity". I don't think private companies are going to hire less efficient people irrespective of race so that they can look hip and diverse.

  • Harun rashid
    Harun rashid  7 days ago

    America seems like a nasty place.Anyway the whites will be a minority so, they will eventually lose power

  • Τζακυνθος Φριτοπουλος

    Whites move it? White flight. Whites move in? Gentrification. The only way to win this game is not to play.

  • Libertarian_Secessionist1861

    African Americans still complain about being in poverty but they have all the rights as us now in the US. Not my fault for their actions and financial crisis.

  • Jacob Monnin
    Jacob Monnin  7 days ago +2

    What's wrong with ppl wanting to carry on their heritage.

  • jan simonides
    jan simonides  14 days ago

    Aren't blacks more likely to have daggers?