12 Annoying Asians at the Gym!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 4, 2019
  • We love working out but sometimes we meet some annoying people at the gym! Which annoys you the most?

    Shoutout to House of Champions for the location!

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  • that one guy
    that one guy  49 minutes ago

    What age can u start going at the gym?

  • Aik Khuan Tan
    Aik Khuan Tan  an hour ago

    Zern Tan joke

  • Angus Ting
    Angus Ting  2 hours ago

    "We're closing in a few hours"
    so when is it really gonna close??? F**kZernTan

  • chimin tea
    chimin tea  4 hours ago

    the 2nd one is the most annoying one ngl

  • mocabe gamer
    mocabe gamer  15 hours ago

    #3 - is OK lah... can tolerate. if that motivates him to workout and be healthy, then good for him.
    #4 - is OK ... dont like to see topless? then dont look. no need to be annoyed.
    #5 - is also OK ... just help the guy with his low self esteem
    #6, 7 - yes, annoying.
    #9 - yes, annoying. but mind your own business.
    #10 - yes, annoying as fvck... not because he sweats a lot (that's actually a nice thing for lose weight), but because he does not wipe equipment afterwards. very inconsiderate!
    #12 - is OK. don't like to see? then don't look!

    These guys are THE MOST annoying actually:
    a. that guy who spends too much time just sitting on the equipment with his phone
    b. that same guy in (a) and seeing him lift weight fit for a kid
    c. that guy who leaves his stuff everywhere in the men's room
    d. that creepy guy who spends more time watching everyone else than doing exercises himself
    e. that fvcking smelly guy ...

  • sofian effendi
    sofian effendi  18 hours ago

    Very good video, make me laugh so hard,but the title not abit racist meh?

  • Bg Link24
    Bg Link24  20 hours ago

    3:30 Lol! I sound like an old steam locomotive when I train "FFSHHHHHH!"

  • Bg Link24
    Bg Link24  20 hours ago

    Dude! Even in my gym in Bulgaria there are examples of these dudes!

  • Lim Sovanndara
    Lim Sovanndara  23 hours ago +1

    Actually I’m the sweatiest guy at the gym, and I was born that way xD

  • Ashraf uAsh
    Ashraf uAsh  yesterday

    4:12 plot twist he’s broke

  • Dwitama Sasia
    Dwitama Sasia  yesterday


  • jiwan Gurung
    jiwan Gurung  yesterday

    Seriously u guys r damn funny

  • Chris Laurence
    Chris Laurence  yesterday

    hahahahah!!!! damn !!!

  • Mr. Barger
    Mr. Barger  2 days ago

    I don’t know if they speaking chinese or english

  • Nop_ _NG
    Nop_ _NG  2 days ago +1

    Who else is here for beatbox?

  • Xephyr
    Xephyr  2 days ago

    Bro i have enough Zern Tan for today already lah 😂

  • Music AM4U
    Music AM4U  3 days ago


  • Shourya veer kanwar

    I was pec popping throughout the video


  • Calvin Wen
    Calvin Wen  3 days ago

    Throw the bar hard hard on the floor is so annoying! Know la know la, you take a very heavy bar🙄

    HOUS LING  3 days ago +1

    I would recommend them chicken instead of dog, chicken has more protein💪