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  • Published on:  Friday, June 8, 2018
  • Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the rebroadcast of the Risotto live stream, where I make risotto and arancini.

    Watch the Basics with Babish Risotto episode here: https://cnclips.net/video/E_8wQsmjn0A/video.html


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  • Eugene Sedita
    Eugene Sedita  7 days ago

    You got some balls making folks wait through this crap.

  • Brian Russeth
    Brian Russeth  1 months ago

    Fight milk. Let's play night worms.

  • muff puff
    muff puff  2 months ago

    funny jojo reference

  • jerrybosify
    jerrybosify  a years ago

    If no-one has said so (I didn't read all the comments): a Coffey still is a large stainless steel used to produce grain whisk(e)y, which, at least in Scotland, is mainly used in blended Scotch whisky (with a proportion of malt added). Malt whisky is from a copper pot still, and is always produced from malted barley. The amount of malt whisky in a blend is usually higher in higher end blends (but sometimes also in blends produced by smaller, unknown brands). In Japan the rules are a bit different (some would say less restrictive, some would say less transparent). For instance, the Nikka Pure Malt is (in Scotch terms) a blended whisky: it contains both malt and grain, but, because the grain was made from malted barley it can say pure malt on the label (because this isn't a protected term in Japan).

  • WindAlchemist23
    WindAlchemist23  a years ago

    This week on Technical Difficulties with Babish: Various Devices That are Janky.

  • Fat Guy Airsoft
    Fat Guy Airsoft  a years ago


  • Fallon Moore
    Fallon Moore  a years ago

    Bone apple teeth 😘👌🏼

  • Ret Gnu
    Ret Gnu  a years ago

    Prefer Chapelle to Mulaney

  • jenlovesgreen
    jenlovesgreen  a years ago +1

    You have managed to turn me into one of those thirsty bitches in the comments. 😑😑
    I love watching your videos. Your attitude is appealing, and you're excellent at conveying your ideas. You've hooked a new subscriber. I look forward to catching one of these streams live one day.

  • Nick Belanger
    Nick Belanger  a years ago

    "Pour myself a little drinkeypoo"

    Was that a Trailer Park Boys reference?

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith  a years ago

    i saw the mr. rogers documentary i cried like a mother fucker

  • baileysmithful
    baileysmithful  a years ago

    Was not the question about a secret plan to fight pizza inflation a sneaky West Wing reference?

  • Thomas Whiteowl
    Thomas Whiteowl  a years ago

    "love" is a chemical response to promote procreation.
    partnership is a choice.

  • malpanka
    malpanka  a years ago

    asafoetida (hing) might be a good substitute for oniony flavour in dishes, it's a resin/dried up latex but it's similarly pungent, has a smell "reminescent of leeks".

  • RJ World
    RJ World  a years ago

    "play some scrabble"

  • Jessica Baker
    Jessica Baker  a years ago

    Coffey still is a type of column still, different from a pot still (think Irish whiskey).

  • Trinity Green
    Trinity Green  a years ago

    i nearly fell asleep from how soothing his voice is. 😭😭

  • Anim Baroi
    Anim Baroi  a years ago

    Hey can u make a remake of the Ratatouille

  • Hailey McBrayer
    Hailey McBrayer  a years ago


  • T.James Dean
    T.James Dean  a years ago

    So goood!!! whats up babish!!!