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  • Published on:  Monday, November 12, 2018
  • As most snowbirds know, the hardest part of camping is getting to your destination. Bad weather can pop up without warning. Here's my story of a trip that didn't go exactly as planned!

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    Traction Matt:
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    Electric Blanket:

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    Main Camera: Sony A7Sii:
    Camcorder: Sony FRD-AX33:
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    How I get around:

    Trailer: 2004 Aliner with around 70,000 miles of hard use. Includes propane stove, hot shower, toilet, refrigerator, 200W solar, two 12V batteries (one AGM)
    Tow Vehicle: 2007 Jeep Liberty, 6 cyl 3.7L gas engine, 4WD, over 200,000 km

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  • Slim Potatohead
    Slim Potatohead  a years ago +657

    NOTE FROM SLIM POTATOHEAD: I've had a lot of questions about the electric blanket. The one I have runs on 12Volts, 2.5 Amps (Measured, not rated amps). It is powered by the two 12V batteries I keep in my trailer. These are charged by my solar panels. Being low current, it is just enough to keep me warm under my sleeping bag in below freezing temperatures. As it is low current, it does not drain my battery significantly overnight. I put a link to a similar blanket on Amazon (see video description). Hope this helps. Thanks! SP
    UPDATE Nov 22: The electric blanket I linked keeps getting SWITCHED by Amazon as sellers sell out! Not the same as I originally recommended, and I can't control this. Just make sure you know the WATTAGE before you purchase. Thanks! SP

  • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes

    A hot water heating pad has worked for me before in a cold trailer if you have one just in case .Fill it with hot water and put it under the blankets with you.It's not an electric blanket or electric heating pad but it kept me warm enough. A fellow should have some long johns just for some little extra warmth when you need it.

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker  2 days ago

    You make that a-line seem SO...coxzy...! 🙃😃👣

  • Madden Master
    Madden Master  2 days ago

    enjoy these kind of i get cabin few..but am glad I am home with my wood stove blasting..

  • breakit46
    breakit46  2 days ago

    A good heavy weight hoody is a must to sleep in on a cold night, the body heat isn't lost behind the neck like a jacket and hat. Great video, loved your predicament, hope you don't mind. I subbed, you deserve it. Stay safe.

  • veryunclear
    veryunclear  3 days ago

    I put on a sweater to watch this.

  • judy
    judy  4 days ago

    I found myself holding my breath thru this video!... glad u made it out safely!! Blessings!

  • AzianSpirit
    AzianSpirit  4 days ago

    Does it have a bathroom???

  • Molly Padion
    Molly Padion  4 days ago

    Lay your clothes flat on your bed, put the electric blanket on top of the clothes, lay down on electric blanket & cover up & sleep. Your clothes will be toasty warm & it'll save the propane.

  • Luke M
    Luke M  6 days ago

    Isn't this enough to make you switch to a van? You just get behind the wheel and drive off. No folding trailer, no clearing snow etc. When you drive, the interior is warm. With the trailer you have to get out in this weather, set it up, heat up the interior which takes time or just sleep in cold bed. A van with AWD would be great.

  • Patricia Kirk
    Patricia Kirk  6 days ago

    Next time remember to check National Weather Radar Doppler when traveling.

  • Madison Daily
    Madison Daily  7 days ago

    What if you run out of gas? Where's the nearest gas station?
    I am stressed out just watching this.

  • spooky spooky cakes

    Four wheel drive

  • Phillip Marcum
    Phillip Marcum  7 days ago

    My 27' rv is perfect for me , but with my job I can be in Tx or Mn anytime of the yr.
    I have a Forest River and it is Not a 4 season rv.
    But , I can heat it with a candle practically .
    When in a park I use a small 6" ceramic heater and it heats it with ease.
    Mind you, I'm not usually in 10 below temps , but I love this rv .

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin  7 days ago

    Winter is amazing

  • keith stone
    keith stone  14 days ago

    How did you power the electric blanket?

  • PA Rocks
    PA Rocks  14 days ago +2

    When I'm in my camper and its 30 degrees out, you can see my breath? Why do you look so cozy lol

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly  14 days ago

    Just watched this for the third time over the last year. I think this is one of the top snow camp adventure videos on YouTube. Good work!

  • Eugene Manalo
    Eugene Manalo  14 days ago

    Really cool video. What is youre tow vehicle? How well does it do when towing in the snow?

  • john borek
    john borek  14 days ago

    Good job on preparing for the worst!