Think You Know How All Juries Work? Think Again | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • In some parts of America, you can be sent to jail even when a jury doesn't reach a unanimous verdict. DeRay Mckesson examines the racist roots of a flawed system—and what can be done to fix it.

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    Think You Know How All Juries Work? Think Again | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ


  • Unknown caller
    Unknown caller  10 months ago

    Man I forgot this guy was alive. What a bummer he’s still racebait and poverty pimpin. Stay black my ninja

  • Bernie R.
    Bernie R.  a years ago

    GQ baiting people with entertainment, then subtly try to brainwash their viewers.

    DEADASS B  a years ago

    its sad how his vidos get less than 100000 views, but the videos bout celebs daily carry get more

    DTJNKY  a years ago


    #Iustitiae, veritatis, probitatis. Iustitiae COMMENTARIUM

  • Tio Muluken
    Tio Muluken  a years ago

    He is very beautiful

  • Toyosi Adesina
    Toyosi Adesina  a years ago +1

    Am I appalled? Of course. Am I surprised? Not really...

  • Mack Millz
    Mack Millz  a years ago +1

    i wish i could only subscribe to this...very informative....

  • Snoopy
    Snoopy  a years ago

    Isn’t this the same dude who said planet of the apes copied his style, and tried to pin racism on them? This dude isn’t worth anyone’s time

  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert  a years ago

    Yo why you keep looking to your left? Is that the script?

  • xAA7
    xAA7  a years ago +2

    Canada and England handle the law with much more certainty. America is years behind on their legislation.

  • keriezy
    keriezy  a years ago +1

    And Oregon is still as racist as ever.

  • StewartLucrative
    StewartLucrative  a years ago

    This guy has got the Marty McFly look on lock.

  • Jason Downs
    Jason Downs  a years ago

    Ever since Buzzfeed pointed out the numerous white males on GQ’s covers, GQ has used black dudes for like 75% of their web content, articles and videos. We got it GQ, you’re not racist. Yes, GQ, you’re very diverse. Very good. It’s a bit obvious. We got it.

  • choppa
    choppa  a years ago +1

    I just had jury duty for a murder trial

  • Iceysolesonfeet
    Iceysolesonfeet  a years ago +4

    Boi it is too hot to be wearing that vest...

  • Gods men of America
    Gods men of America  a years ago +1

    NFL players please bring it up to trump he only want to listen to you guys

  • Lee Olsson
    Lee Olsson  a years ago

    Why have juries at all? Let the people with a law degree make the call. That’s how it works in most countries.

  • Maya Khan
    Maya Khan  a years ago +1

    I've got jury duty in a month

  • l k
    l k  a years ago

    I appreciate the edification. Please continue to educate on civil issues. I really did not know any of this.

  • l k
    l k  a years ago +2

    You know, for people getting upset about people "making things about race", his race seems to be the first thing they point about about him when criticizing.