Buying a $1680 IAA 2001 Mercedes S600 - Does it run?? PT1

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • Parked for 2 years, can we get a non-running S600 W220 V12 to fire up??

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  • Samcrac
    Samcrac  a years ago +488

    Park it overnight and if the suspension falls again one of the fluid accumulators is bad and leaking, otherwise the shocks are bad.

  • Amjad Hussain
    Amjad Hussain  14 days ago

    Buy the Mercedes

  • Amjad Hussain
    Amjad Hussain  14 days ago

    Please find me something similar want to drive a luxury car before i go. I have terminal illnes cant get heart transplant.
    Please help will pay u as much ad i can. Tx me 8159808064.

  • Eric Wade
    Eric Wade  2 months ago

    He must not know much about s600’s

  • A Y
    A Y  2 months ago

    Do not rev a cold engine ever. the oil and metal are not in a safe condition to sustain strain. only rev engine after it was idle for a few minutes. revving it on cold you take a big chunk of the engine life away.

  • Maximiliano Musso
    Maximiliano Musso  3 months ago

    It has air suspension

  • Ryan Riddick
    Ryan Riddick  3 months ago

    I was praying to GOD you didn't blow that engine because of no oil. You might have checked that but you didn't show it.

  • aksi iska
    aksi iska  3 months ago

    any unappropriate towing can kill the automatic transmission

  • Doug Lundy
    Doug Lundy  3 months ago

    is this an ad for Auto Auctions? This guy is clearly no mercedes expert.

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks  3 months ago

    I don't give a fuk how much service history a Mercedes has it's still not worth it their junk there built junk their design junk their junk

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson  3 months ago

    "Nervous as hell" for buing a car for $1600..? Thats no even half a month´s salary if you are a middle incom person. Thats not expensive. If you´re not living in the third world. Sounds like you are an american, so..?

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez  3 months ago

    🤦🏽‍♂️it has air bags

  • Raymundo Molina Ortiz

    you really copying content from jr garage

  • Garrett Dodson
    Garrett Dodson  3 months ago

    Where is part 2?

  • Samuel Gagné-Royer
    Samuel Gagné-Royer  3 months ago

    To see if the car start 12:09

  • Jalisco Pow
    Jalisco Pow  3 months ago

    2001 it’s a junk

  • Tobi Haifisch
    Tobi Haifisch  3 months ago

    Dude! Are you somehow related to RAY LIOTTA?! :D

  • Camilo Yanguas
    Camilo Yanguas  3 months ago

    It also has heated chairs and massage chairs

  • Camilo Yanguas
    Camilo Yanguas  3 months ago

    It has air suspension

  • Chad Rowley
    Chad Rowley  3 months ago

    Well you are learning about Mercedes the hard way