Buying a $1680 IAA 2001 Mercedes S600 - Does it run?? PT1

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • Parked for 2 years, can we get a non-running S600 W220 V12 to fire up?? Get Swag Here: your $4.89 CarFax or AutoCheck here: 2 channel IR Dashcam: CarGo: me on Facebook: me on Instagram: me on Twitter:


  • Samcrac
    Samcrac  a years ago +457

    Park it overnight and if the suspension falls again one of the fluid accumulators is bad and leaking, otherwise the shocks are bad.

  • It's Time
    It's Time  6 months ago +133

    Nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes.

  • Beyond Repair
    Beyond Repair  a years ago +474

    It put 6 previous owners into bankruptcy. You are #7.

  • Total Tech
    Total Tech  a years ago +276

    Most of those errors are because the battery was dead.

  • Total Tech
    Total Tech  a years ago +195

    You got a hell of a deal!!! Awesome pick up

  • duane howard
    duane howard  a years ago +119

    600 isn’t a amg. Just has the amg rims

  • Jammie Jackson
    Jammie Jackson  a years ago +2

    ITS A GOOD CAR!!! wow, the magic touch or booster pack?

  • Dennis Copp II
    Dennis Copp II  a years ago +1

    Not a true tool bag without at least 1 roll of duct/duck tape, lol, my tool bag has 3 things I always pack, zip ties, duct tape, and penetrating oil, well 4 if you count the big hammer.

  • Mark Cleveland
    Mark Cleveland  11 months ago +2

    Hey it's the Uber guy I wondered why the voice was familiar lol

  • Uhsen Li
    Uhsen Li  7 months ago +3

    1) distill water and do a pressure test

  • YouBocaj67Tube
    YouBocaj67Tube  a years ago +1

    Low miles! People are scared for big mercs.... It can be very fast a moneypit..... (If your only option is the official stealer...)

  • jacob g
    jacob g  a years ago +1

    I don't like the cliffhangers

  • Jesua Diaz
    Jesua Diaz  a years ago +3

    Nice video keep up the good work.

  • david edelman
    david edelman  a years ago +1

    Very nice S600 I hope you got lucky and got you a really good one enjoy hope you made some money on it

    VAMPYRE ANGELUS  a years ago +1

    well, worse thing that happens is you part it out and make your money back..

  • Rihards Linde
    Rihards Linde  a years ago +1

    Great car, but sad that it isn't 2003 one. Then it had 5.5 biturbo v12 with 500hp. It can outrun Vette :D

  • Tom Burgess
    Tom Burgess  a years ago +1

    Like videos, less drama better though, you are a likeable guy, I quit Wranglerstar because of his artificial cliff hangers.... your videos don't need them.

  • Puria Rahbarnia
    Puria Rahbarnia  a years ago +1

    Aye 155th comment 😂😂 damn I’m late

  • yefenofphoto
    yefenofphoto  a years ago +1

    Be careful speeding when you mention street names. you blew by the speed limit sign.The video can incriminate you. Nice score on the Benz

  • Colin Prince
    Colin Prince  a years ago +1

    Congratulations Randy, I hope that you’ve finally landed the big fish and get some of your cash back. Looking forward to seeing this one through to the end. Best regards, Colin.