Nate Diaz storms off stage after Conor vs Khabib announcement; UFC Press Conference LA Highlights



  • Deric Rood  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Diaz beat McGregor, Diaz puts in work and goes unnoticed. Over worked and underpaid. .Typical.

  • Christopher Gibson9mm  (Dec 27, 2018))

    It was a better fight Connor vs Nate than Conner vs khabib

  • Andrew Perez  (Oct 27, 2018))

    Conor wrecked him the rematch but diaz jus choked him out the first time

  • Mr Nobody  (Aug 8, 2018))

    UFC is turning into WWE.

  • Christopher Gibson9mm  (Dec 27, 2018))

    UFC is watchable unlie WWE

  • Christopher Gibson9mm  (Dec 27, 2018))

    Nah cuz the fights are real

  • Kody Palmer  (Aug 8, 2018))

    As a McGregor fan UFC needs to start respecting Nate. He’s a great fighter!

  • Who asked this nigga who he’s a fan of

  • Muhd Mahathir  (Oct 11, 2018))


  • Matt Hatter  (Aug 13, 2018))

    Um...Nate's submission win over Conor beats out Conor's decision win over Nate that wasn't even unanimous. Nate absolutely deserves a third fight!!!

  • Mr. BeanLaden  (Oct 23, 2018))

    Conor jumped two weight divisions to fight Nate, and he didnt even asked for any tune up fights, so Nate really got a HUGE favor in both of their fights.Conor would only accept a rematch if it was met on his desired weight class, which Nate didn't took because he knew he couldn't beat Conor without the advantage he has in their last two fights.

  • Empire vlog  (Oct 12, 2018))

    Matt Hatter true

  • Presly Tanus  (Aug 9, 2018))

    "Why you trynna talk like Connor you're from Nigeria " 😂😂😂

  • Picca  (Oct 9, 2018))

    Cee Ray lol thirsty ass

  • Cee Ray  (Oct 9, 2018))

    I.g? Or snap??

  • Jam Lee  (Oct 7, 2018))

    Man Conor took a bigger L than MGK...

  • Bobby Reza  (Aug 20, 2018))

    I want nate vs connor trilogy

  • Mr. BeanLaden  (Oct 23, 2018))

    +A2 Oneblood ! you should learn to score a match.Nate was winning in the end, but Conor clearly won more rounds.That is why he won.

  • Ron Beelen  (Oct 11, 2018))

    +A2 Oneblood ! again

  • SosaGamer  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Everybody saying Nate is his own worst enemy don’t realize he got paid alot less for fights, then realized how much he should be getting paid after mcgregor fight. End of the day it’s done for money.He’s just woke

  • Iam Youniverse  (Oct 6, 2018))

    SosaGamer ya he’s so woke that he let himself get taken advantage of for this long. He’s an idiot outside of the ring.

  • Suplixes _  (Sep 3, 2018))

    SosaGamer he’s “woke” after everything has been said and done 🤣

  • CMLAFLAMME  (Aug 7, 2018))

    This video made a mess of showing what happened. Basically this was meant to be Nate's comeback card, and in typical Dana White fassion.. they completely overshadow Nate (a guy who beat Conor arguably twice) with a surprise video announcement of Conor Vs Khabib right when reporters were showing interest in the Diaz fight. Before people start freaking out about.. "Conor is the real superstar and makes more money than anyone".. I wasn't saying Conor doesn't deserve to be the main event, I was s...

  • ts L-iaht  (Aug 25, 2018))

    Cymon Bailey haha all good bro, your point’s still completely accurate. The ufc is becoming a joke.

  • Cymon Bailey  (Aug 25, 2018))

    ts L-iaht lol said adidas staring at all the Reebok mercy they were all warin

  • Stuart Raymond  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Finally a Diaz fight!!