Nate Diaz storms off stage after Conor vs Khabib announcement; UFC Press Conference LA Highlights

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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    UFC 25th Anniversary Press Conference Highlights.


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  • David vazquez
    David vazquez  14 days ago

    Diaz vs Poirier was supposed to happen last year on Nov 2nd. And now this Saturday on Nov 3rd a year from when Diaz vs Poirier was supposed to happen , Nate created his own division and his own belt and will be defending it against Jorge Masvidal what a turn around! Who would of thought that this would happen about exactly a year from when this Diaz Vs Poirier was supposed to take place! 🔥👊💯💯

  • Rick Rojas
    Rick Rojas  21 days ago

    I love when he said why you trying to talk like conor hahahhaha is about time people hear real shit and atop acting like other guys👍👍👍👍👋👋👋😁

  • Nazimfahmi Fahmi
    Nazimfahmi Fahmi  1 months ago

    when khabib vs diaz fight?

  • Naimatullah Nawabi
    Naimatullah Nawabi  1 months ago

    Why one news reporter asking questions all the time, is he a UFC scripted?

  • JP elSucioGuapo
    JP elSucioGuapo  6 months ago

    Nate's a bitch

  • the anonymous truth
    the anonymous truth  7 months ago

    Like an ex girlfriend ...

  • charles howard
    charles howard  7 months ago

    waiting for the hulk to appear and tear his shirt off. then we got rhonda now in the action. we have the mma v. wwe in super wrestle mania caged event!!!

  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank  8 months ago

    What's DANA's last name ?
    Read Between The Lines People.
    Nate ... It's All Good. Stop Fukcing with These People. You Won Already. Roll On Brother.

  • alip dave
    alip dave  9 months ago

    Nobody wants you to scumbag

  • R. William Comm
    R. William Comm  9 months ago

    Cowboy & Perry we’re both cool about it. Think it makes for better fights without the drama ahead of time.

  • Juggling Taxi Famous
    Juggling Taxi Famous  10 months ago

    Juggling Taxi 🚕 the press conference are so boring with out Conor Mcgregor, Conor reinvented the sport.

  • Rick Pelland
    Rick Pelland  10 months ago

    If the winner made bank and loser made zero it would change the game

  • Mikka
    Mikka  10 months ago

    5 minutes before he storms off the stage he said he "doesn't care about Conor" and that he "won twice".... how ironic.

  • Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC

    That was the most boring fight I've ever seen.

  • Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC

    That was the most boring fight I've ever seen.

  • Reda GSM
    Reda GSM  a years ago

    Dana withe * go to the hell rasict man and also HS chicken Connor

  • khali 4
    khali 4  a years ago +2

    Dana best hope was conor win khabib.
    That would Carrey conor loses and make dana happy business works very well with conor and he like him.
    But it did not happen lol rip conor

  • sameer zayed
    sameer zayed  a years ago +1

    Nate is the man he even beat Connor pussy asss


    Sore loser ass boy

  • FatBoi
    FatBoi  a years ago +1

    Fuck ufc it is a fraud