Златните момичета на България | Bulgaria's Golden Girls 2016 | Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Published on:  Monday, August 22, 2016
  • Този монтаж представя кариерата на тези прекрасни момичета от ансамбъла по художествена гимнастика , които преминаха през много трудности , за да сбърднат мечтата си , а именно да спечелят медал от Олимпиадата в Рио де Жанейро .Те успяха като играха с любов за цяла България !
    This video shows the career of these girls from the rhythmic gymnastics group who overcome a lot of difficulties in order to fulfill their dream - to get a medal from the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 .
    Their career started in late 2009 and a year later they got a bronze medal from 2010 world championships in Moscow .
    Then in 2011 they became world champions in 3 ribbons 2 hoops in Montpellier , got a bronze medal in the All Around and bronze in the 5 balls final,also they got a license to participate in the Olympic Games in London in 2012.
    In 2012 in London they made a mistake which made them 6th in the All Around final.
    In 2013 with more enthusiasm and power they continued to compete.
    In 2014 they became European champions in 5 clubs in Baku and later became World All Around champions in Izmir.
    In 2015 they became vice world champions in Stuttgart and got a license to compete at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
    In 2016 was a very difficult year for them because their teammate Tsvetellina Stoyanova jumped from the 6th floor and her life was in danger.The first reserve Lyubomira Kazanova competed in her spot.
    At the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 they became 3rd in the AllAround final and fulfilled their dream.
    Благодарим на Христиана Тодорова,Ренета Камберова,Михаела Маевска,Цветелина Найденова,Цветелина Стоянова,Любомира Казанова,Елена Тодорова и Катрин Велкова за всички уникални емоции , които ни дадоха през тези 7 години ! Цяла България ви обича !!