The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • Four men, an infamous island prison, and one daring plan. But what happened next?


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  • LGx Vaxer
    LGx Vaxer  3 minutes ago

    I’m only here because of call of duty zombies

  • Spencer Odea
    Spencer Odea  9 minutes ago

    Whats the music at 12:15?

  • Zoe Dufner
    Zoe Dufner  49 minutes ago +1

    I was rooting for the prisoners the whole time and only realized towards the end that, they're? criminals? so? tf?

  • mimmy chimmy
    mimmy chimmy  55 minutes ago

    In the thubnail i thought that was John Cena skskksk

    SLOGY SLOGY  an hour ago +2

    I was the nicest one, and you won’t even remember...

  • Jack L
    Jack L  2 hours ago

    My theory: The Anglin brothers lived, but Morris died. Could've been the body that the freighter saw.
    EDIT: Just read a few more comments, I didn't read morlock's comment before posting this.

  • Carter Graeber
    Carter Graeber  2 hours ago

    They just broke the cycle

  • Jeffy Jeffy From Jeffy street

    I’ve been to Alcatraz and there is a Grenade mark on the floor and the dummy head was there

  • DeAdShOt VoLtZ
    DeAdShOt VoLtZ  2 hours ago

    Who is watching this because of black ops?

  • MrTrix
    MrTrix  3 hours ago

    I feel like if someone made a whole game off of this it would be dope asf like if they added their back stories of the men and basically had a back story for all of them then it lead up to the prison and then made the rest of what happen when they escaped it would be a cool game I would buy it as long as it’s well detailed and has really good gameplay and executed perfectly

  • Wyatt Langwell
    Wyatt Langwell  3 hours ago

    Who else is getting ads to impeach Trump?

  • BaconTroll 564
    BaconTroll 564  3 hours ago +1

    Lets just go back in time

  • Tabb Photography
    Tabb Photography  3 hours ago

    Didn’t the myth busters do the re-enactment to?

    ASMR PMP  3 hours ago

    It’s funny that you’re talking about Alcatraz while when I look out the window and see it😂

  • Typical ark
    Typical ark  3 hours ago +1

    wasnt there a note they sent that they were alive

  • hipokampelefantokamela


  • Anna Kistler
    Anna Kistler  4 hours ago +1

    Follow me on insta @anna_kistler


    Why would you want to leave that place anyway

  • CM ProjectKnight
    CM ProjectKnight  5 hours ago

    Maybe they in purgatory mode and in a cycle.