Samsung Super Big TV: Size Comparison of 2018 Super Big TVs

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Compare TV sizes of 43, 65 and 82 inches and see how big Samsung Super Big is.
    ▶See the bigger picture through Samsung Super Big TV

    Size of living space is no longer a factor when choosing TV. Advances in picture quality now allow you to enjoy big screens, even in small spaces, without worrying about eye strain ro viewing distance. If you have bigger screen, you can get bigger experience.


  • Max Pfaff  (Aug 1, 2018))

    I’ll take the 82 inch, thanks for asking

  • Syahir AR  (Aug 1, 2018))

    I need The Wall

  • lollipop YUMMY  (Aug 2, 2018))

    Syahir AR If I get the 82" I'll have to get another wall

  • Midnight Cravings  (Aug 1, 2018))

    82" ... that's what she said

  • Ract0r  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Midnight Cravings stop

  • ZeeC  (Aug 1, 2018))

    I want a Note 9.

  • 광수  (Aug 4, 2018))

    ZC me to

  • ZC a

  • Jxff erson  (Aug 1, 2018))

    :( i cant afford it

  • everyone buy samsung  (Aug 1, 2018))

    Samsung TV are best😊

  • Porschen Hund  (Dec 5, 2018))

    everyone buy samsung, you suck

  • everyone buy samsung  (Aug 3, 2018))

    Nicolas Pereira trust me

  • Vasil Verdouw  (Aug 3, 2018))

    *Apple be like: IPHONE X PLUS FOR SALE JUST FOR $1500,- INCLUSIVE A REMOVED CAMERA (Because we had no space for it)*(iPhone, battery, screen and charger sold separately)

  • Johnny stein  (Aug 9, 2018))

    And that kids is what a professional sounds like.

  • Garrett Reider  (Aug 4, 2018))

    K, you’re an idiot and here’s why. iPhone X+ wouldn’t remove thre camera after Apple has been working for years on perfecting it. They wouldn’t sell essentials like the battery or screen seperately because Apple cares about the consumer, they wouldn’t do anything of the sort. Unlike Samsung, Apple products simply work.

  • Fehzan Ahmed  (Aug 2, 2018))

    82"I own a 23" TV..

  • Mamok YT  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Samsung The Wall is 147" i thinkWith micro LED

  • faysal mahmud  (Aug 1, 2018))

    Love from Bangladesh

  • everyone buy samsung  (Aug 3, 2018))

    faysal mahmud 😆