People's Vote Chief Roland Rudd Grilled By LBC Listeners - LBC

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  • People's Vote chairman Roland Rudd is live on LBC, answering questions from listeners and host Shelagh Fogarty.As Jeremy Corbyn is reported to be about to back a second referendum, how does he think his campaign is going? And will it be helped or hindered by the Conservative leadership contest?Make sure you never miss a single word of our world-leading discussion by subscribing here out more about how to listen along and join in the conversation at is not your ordinary talk radio stream. LBC is the leading YouTube channel for live debate around the news and current affairs. We have live interviews and debates and you can even phone in to join in the conversation.


  • Miele Rodriguez
    Miele Rodriguez  2 months ago +90

    We won the referendum. WE NEED TO LEAVE THE EU COMPLETELY. Its what I voted for.

  • veganviv jones
    veganviv jones  2 months ago +51

    I voted remain first time around but because I believe in democracy, if I'm forced to vote again, my choice will be to leave.

  • Snowy Owel
    Snowy Owel  2 months ago +46

    So the Brexiters have to win twice and the remainers only have to win once 🤔 undeocratic BETRAYAL.We have had the referendum the leave side WON deliver on the referendum result BREXIT

  • CrouchyTV
    CrouchyTV  2 months ago +38

    The UK voted to actually leave the EU. Not for a deal. Enough of this remainer nonsense!

  • JP Duffy
    JP Duffy  2 months ago +44

    How the hell can this guy say he is democratic when he wants another referendum because he didn't like the result of the first one? And his reasons for it being that MPs can't agree on the deal and that it was 3 years ago. This was their whole plan once they lost. Make it about a deal and run it out for years to create a scenario where they, MPs could push for another vote. They truth is MPs are bought and paid for by EU and never had any intention of leaving. Keep going and the Brexit Party will win in the General Election. MPs don't represent the country. They represent themselves. The whole talk about any deal was manufactured by MPs to ruin the leave vote. Also we were promised we would leave without a deal if they couldn't make one but they backtracked on that too. I have no confidence in Parliament anymore and won't ever again until they put the people before self. In fact they disgust me.

  • pam lilley
    pam lilley  2 months ago +15

    The people’s vote is a ploy to divide the leave vote so that remain wins, that’s why Remain should not be on the ballot paper!!!

  • kcirdrab
    kcirdrab  2 months ago +35

    Unpatriotic Square Mile creep

  • Jules Rox
    Jules Rox  2 months ago +17

    You're supposed to represent the people not yourselves. And no deal was mentioned but it was. It was on the referendum card leave the EU, the customs union and single market and all its institutions! No mention of deals!

  • Snowy Owel
    Snowy Owel  2 months ago +50

    It's only remainers who are wanting a second referendum .

  • Broadside
    Broadside  2 months ago +26

    I didn’t hear one caller praising a second referendum. Bet he thought everyone was gonna kiss his backside

  • raymond majer
    raymond majer  2 months ago +42

    Roland Rudd, take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Satya Nanda
    Satya Nanda  2 months ago +37

    17:00 How can this man have the gall to talk about "democracy" without the word getting stuck in his throat. Total disingenuous hypocrite. Only wants another vote because he lost the first. Makes me so sick.

  • Paul Cockram
    Paul Cockram  2 months ago +15

    Lies, Norway was mentioned once in a different context. No deal was mentioned many times before the referendum.

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart  2 months ago +22

    You couldn't make this up!!!

  • richard wilson
    richard wilson  2 months ago +14

    Socialist elite. What second referendum? Went to the people idiots,52%, you do not need a calculator to work out who lost.

  • Soviet Union Jack
    Soviet Union Jack  2 months ago +15

    Now they are discrediting and criminalising another Brexiteer while a clearly Remain Genocidal lying war criminal Tony Blair walks the corridors of the Brussels Parliament !!! F*** them ALL !

  • Paula Fay
    Paula Fay  2 months ago +15

    Rudd & his PV help strengthen my resolve to see my 2016 vote implemented, no matter how weary I feel of this.

  • Paul - Admin
    Paul - Admin  2 months ago +12

    Why don't all of remainers buy a ticket to somewhere in Europe and go and live there. That way you can enjoy the collapse and total implosion of the EU when it happens which won't be long now!

  • thesheepman220
    thesheepman220  2 months ago +11

    Roland Rudd mor like Roland Rat Well i think you gotten your wires crossed with the words democracy and dictatorship, when you say democracy you actually mean dictatorship, and well done too all of the brexit party

  • Paula Fay
    Paula Fay  2 months ago +14

    It's exceedingly generous of Roland Rudd to explain that we can simply vote 'Leave' again in the next referendum.
    But Mr Rudd- we have already won the right to Leave the EU. Why do we need to win the right again? Oh, because you lost and want another go?