gas station [jazz hop / lofi / chill beats]

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
  • ⛽ oily beats for your midnight escape.🎨 Want to download the Audio & Art in this mix? You can! Join us on Patreon for this & more 00:00 Lesky & Phlocalyst - Aurora02 02:00 Hubert Tas - Dust (Ft. Michał Pijewski)*03 05:00 Dragon Roots - Ride04 06:16 Kaffetorsk - dreams05 09:32 Funky DL - Moving Out [Instrumental]06 10:38 Nema - Morning Donut*07 12:14 Jabbu - got gelato in da air08 14:08 zmeyev - St. Petersburg09 16:10 Zvitch' - Sweet Revenge10 18:52 ibrahim - tinkering11 23:18 Chewdisk - Twinkles12 26:06 Dragon Roots - Noir.13 27:58 TOSHIKI HAYASHI - chant14 31:46 CrabbMan - Floating15 35:06 Upst & KiLaMDaPro - linguistics.16 36:42 Mujo - Winter BirdsTracks marked with an '*' are official releases fromThe Jazz Hop Café Records (☕ Follow The Jazz Hop Café on:• YouTube -• Soundcloud -• Spotify -• Bandcamp -• Facebook -• Twitter - to Submit Music? Contact us on SoundCloud or Email us at 🎧 Join us on Spotify for endless ► The Artists• Lesky -• Hubert Tas -• Dragon Roots -• Kaffetorsk -• Funky DL -• zmeyev -• Jabbu -• Nema - &• Zvitch' -• ibrahim -• Chewdisk -• TOSHIKI HAYASHI -• CrabbMan -• Upst -• KiLaMDaPro -• Mujo - By ► mB0sco••• #mix


  • The Jazz Hop Café  3 months ago

    🎨 Want to download the *Audio* & *Art* in this mix? You can! Join us on *Patreon* for this & more🎮 Minigame: There are 5 green beer bottles hidden within this image... can you find them?Mobile *Tracklist*01 00:00 Lesky & Phlocalyst - Aurora02 02:00 Hubert Tas - Dust (Ft. Michał Pijewski)03 05:00 Dragon Roots - Ride04 06:16 Kaffetorsk - dreams05 09:32 Funky DL - Moving Out [Instrumental]06 10:38 Nema - Morning Donut07 12:14 Jabbu - got gelato i...

  • GALAXY PUKE  3 months ago

    i found one of the beer bottles

  • Samira Milutzki  2 months ago

    We are all in different homes right now, in different cities and countries, but also we are all meeting here in the middle of nowhere chilling together in front of this gas station.

  • Artifactor  8 days ago

    good music coming out of the speakers, a nice cup of coffee in hand, and great people around, i would love to be there raining or not

  • Diamond Bound  1 months ago

    Ill chill here over that old town road BS any day

  • Gillian G  3 months ago

    Convenience stores in gas stations at night make me feel something different and I don't know what it is but I love it

  • Gabriel Couto  8 days ago

    Can anyone explain this fenomenon that is happening here? Comment section... so cool and interesting

  • Azam Albrahem  15 days ago

    @Arvindh Calm and cozy Urban hub

  • MonKeiBusiness  2 months ago

    It's such a strange feeling to strand at a random gas station in the darkest hours of the night, and there is just this one chill dude working there. Like the only other person in existence at the moment. And you both pretend everything is normal, while he is working graveyard shift and you're out at night for whatever god damned reason. Very surreal.

  • Tony Labouche  1 months ago

    I am the chill dude 😎And I'm playing this over the sound system

  • leo  2 months ago

    You can go in your car in the middle of the night to buy condoms, cigars and beer. Happens a lot of people in a lot of places

  • Joshua Castle  3 months ago

    The fact that I work at a gas station as a manager, and blast these types of tunes all night on my overnight shifts... Thank you for this upload and image. Genuinely happy :,)

  • Lat3rSlutz  2 months ago

    @Joshua Castle I feel you, i am a night manager at a gas station and I play this music at night.

  • Joshua Castle  2 months ago

    @MonKeiBusiness I genuinely appreciate your considerate thoughts and acknowledgement. There's many a time that I get rude people who assume I have nothing else to do than stand behind the counter all night, when in reality there's things to stock, clean, count, relocate, inspect, etc... Every so often I get a fellow human such as yourself that actually understands that I'm not a robot and have feelings, so thank you for being such a being. Have a blessed day :)

  • GreenGretel  3 months ago

    If only gas stations were typically that aesthetically pleasing.

  • Joshua Green  8 days ago

    A few friends and I took a road trip from Florida to California. We found a gas station almost identical to this in the deserts of Arizona.

  • lil meows  18 days ago

    @ooo I genuinely love ur comment

  • When does this gas station simulator game release.. no combat no fighting just everybody having a good time and smiling at each other

  • Tejas  3 months ago

    These visuals are fire

  • Hala Al Tayeb  1 months ago

    Hell yeah!

  • Flying Potato  2 months ago

    they are neon sir.

  • Fat Cat  3 months ago

    Gas stations are always openLike some people’s hearts Doesn’t always mean you get What you want.

  • Bena Lena  2 months ago

    Damn you, 7/11. Why'd your slushie machine have to be broken last week?! I was craving that slushie for days!

  • FirstCut  2 months ago

    and then there's this gas station beside my house that is rarely open

  • PlayBoii- Jayy  2 months ago

    *Some people want to set this as their wallpaper; others want to hang this photo on their bedroom wall.....Is it weird that I want to live in this image?*

  • LtLampshade  1 months ago

    In all seriousness. Prints for purchase where?

  • D. Y. Griffin  2 months ago

    Very Twilight Zone...I mean that in a Very Good Way!