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  • duckbilledmonfrogga

    So hot! The way this guy can eat and his passion for food and X infinity!

  • j00Ls j.
    j00Ls j.  7 days ago

    Who is Mike's food partner?? 😃

  • Wal Shepherd
    Wal Shepherd  7 days ago

    I don't know how you did it but man that ALL looked so good - you have a convert here.

  • calvin L
    calvin L  7 days ago +1

    His T-shirt resemble the south Vietnam flag prior 1975

  • YoshiNguyen
    YoshiNguyen  7 days ago

    I’m salivating 🤤 I miss Vietnam already 😭

  • Cheryl Mason
    Cheryl Mason  14 days ago

    Maybe it’s not beef, it’s beef but it tastes like a hot-dog 😁

  • Jimena Trejo Aguilar
    Jimena Trejo Aguilar  14 days ago +1

    who hears the song despacitio in the back

  • Agent Sarge
    Agent Sarge  14 days ago +1

    “Only in Vietnam”


  • Harpal Singh
    Harpal Singh  21 days ago

    French fries for breakfast - now that's how to do it!!!

  • Jessica Philips
    Jessica Philips  21 days ago

    Where do you put all that food?!?!

  • DisillusionedAcronym
    DisillusionedAcronym  21 days ago +1

    man, as much as i love pho and bahn mi, broken rice is my favourite vietnamese food.

  • Prashant Shinde
    Prashant Shinde  21 days ago

    I hate egg yolks

  • Thanh Thoi
    Thanh Thoi  21 days ago +1

    I'm so jealous - have been dreaming about going back to VN to eat these :))

  • Rachael MSW
    Rachael MSW  28 days ago

    There is a really good Banh Mi Sandwich place in Chicago. All types are amazing and only cost $6.75.

  • PersonaChick
    PersonaChick  28 days ago

    Mike: eating delicious sandwiches*Me: *looks at homemade beef-cheese sandwich   cries

  • Terry Robinson
    Terry Robinson  1 months ago

    whats the name of the first restaurant, with the beef steak?

  • Linh Le
    Linh Le  1 months ago

    omg I miss Vietnamese food a lot

  • Candy monster 120
    Candy monster 120  1 months ago

    The lighting and color on the 2nd "BBQ Pork" sandwich is rather bad/blown out (too bright) and white balance is way off.

  • Mary Gould
    Mary Gould  1 months ago

    i wish i could go to that place and try some food.. i need to be a special guest.. LOL

  • wut mohn
    wut mohn  1 months ago

    What is your favorite Mikey Chan vid

    Mine is the 711 video