Craziest Estate Auction Finds Ever!!!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • Matt skipped the fall session of the Allentown Vintage Drags for what might be the best estate sale of this decade. There were 3 auction that Saturday and there were a few photos in this listing that persuaded Matt to attend. The auction was poorly photographed and advertised, which allowed Matt to basically score all of the rare speed equipment. The auction was fast paced and we were unprepared to film, but Matt takes us back to the estate to load up the last of his bounty. At the end of the video Matt shows off the bulk of what he scored. What do you guys think, score of a life time?

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  • Tommy Bennett
    Tommy Bennett  16 hours ago

    awesome find

  • ed floyd
    ed floyd  18 hours ago


  • Scott Chapman
    Scott Chapman  18 hours ago

    I like the old Chrysler Firepower Hemi heads that he has I had a home motor back when I was 18 Chrysler Firepower Hemi the whole motor. that came out in the 50s

  • Τάσος kou
    Τάσος kou  23 hours ago

    i know america has a lot of old cars, so there was no war in his country
    we have a great deal of respect for old cars, crying when they see them turning into ugly wheels with wide wheels, and huge engines, no, no respect, if anyone wants to make a replica, ok
    they are of great value to us

  • 100% Texan
    100% Texan  yesterday

    Rich get richer and poor get poorer. He’s just showing off, “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, look what I found cheap I got it and you don’t!”. Probably didn’t pay shit and now when he sells it he’ll come out like a bandit.

  • Christopher w
    Christopher w  yesterday

    I don’t know what any of this stuff is but that front end 😍

  • Daryl Nicklen
    Daryl Nicklen  yesterday

    An under advertised Estate Auction obviously the auctioneers had no idea what they were selling and you managed to see that and score big time well done.

  • Dave Kauffman
    Dave Kauffman  yesterday

    There is one item I'm sure you didn't grab, I saw a 1950s 1/2-horse Briggs & Stratton engine from a reel-type lawnmower. Your wife is a pretty lady, I'm very happy for you, she even seems to be interested in your hobby of collecting antique autos. The dog is great, he wants to be a part of your investigation into the stash, you're a blessed man!

  • Jessica Anne
    Jessica Anne  2 days ago

    Nice treasures. I love the smell of old barns and garages and of course- finding treasures. My 1st car was a 69 olds Delta 88. It was my aunt great maudes. My Dad had know idea that the cars he brought me were so cool. I was peeing myself. I accidently fix cars. I am good at it. I really do not know how I do it. Its instinct. It bemuses me. I am more surprised than they are.

  • Mon Frig
    Mon Frig  2 days ago

    Nice Score !

  • Steve Carlson
    Steve Carlson  2 days ago

    You lucky bastard. How about making me up a $50 pallet to complete my model A build. It was a doodlebug that fell through the floor in a neighbors barn. He gave it to me for fixing a tractor, but it needs everything other than the cowl and front frame 1/2. Those Arkus Duntov heads are tits!

  • Flemming Veggerby

    Good thing she was on camera, otherwise you'd gotten a whoppen. Well, maybe later. ;)

  • John Madden
    John Madden  3 days ago

    That's definitely a bruster grill

  • Wm R Martin
    Wm R Martin  3 days ago

    Couple of questions, How many people were bidding at the auction? Did they know what you know about the value?

  • Island Aerial
    Island Aerial  3 days ago

    Sweet haul.
    Guessing you are going to be real nice to your better half for the foreseeable future? LOL
    Moral of the story... Take all the money you have to the next auction...

  • Gary Bones
    Gary Bones  4 days ago

    LUCAS, prince of darkness . . .

  • Danielle Dykgraaf

    Anyone looking for a Hupp engine...I have three of them.

  • Danielle Dykgraaf

    I am just in shock...I am such a FORD man,,,when i get cut i bleed FORD blue.......You are too apparently...What a score!

  • cavscout62
    cavscout62  5 days ago

    My Pop would absolutely lose his mind over these parts as he was a Flathead freak!


    Wifey is obviously very happy with you! Hahahaha!