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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • Crystal Courtney
    Crystal Courtney  3 months ago

    I'm here from the future lol 2019 Two giris and yess momma was the nanny like she predicted!! 💛

  • sultry42
    sultry42  11 months ago

    I gained only 20lbs when I was pregnant and I didn't eat anything with salt in it or salty things, I didn't believe in that eating for two nonsense that is very unhealthy and a LIE, the only thing I did crave was salt BUT I DID NOT eat it not once, because that is dangerous, I didn't get sick and I was VEGAN and my baby was VEGAN, I wasn't going to put that poison in my body too harm me or my baby, 43 years later still VEGAN and a size 5..5/6..exercising everyday for 2 to 4 hours, I love me.... Congratulations on your twins, two of my sisters had twins and they both had girls......Blessings......

  • Regina Johnson
    Regina Johnson  a years ago

    My boyfriend and I enjoy watching you and Jeremy. I love the bond you both have with each other, and how successful you guys are. You both are very Awesome and Encouraging people! Keep up the great work and Congratulations on the twins and your future endeavors.

  • I’m Simplyari
    I’m Simplyari  a years ago +1

    Why are so many black women in the comments hating and having bad energy towards another black woman who is successful? How often do we see successful black woman? This is why we , as a race, can never be on top because y’all are putting eachother down . 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Tia Yaniece
    Tia Yaniece  a years ago

    Can’t wait for me too experience this one day 😩😍 congratulations y’all!!!

  • BlueDreamer
    BlueDreamer  a years ago

    Yes, I have twins (Boy and Girl) and didnt separate them until they were a little older. While they are infants to toddlers thats when they should have time to bond. Also I had pressure during my pregnancy mostly half way towards the end. Much rest as possible is best.

  • Your Ray of SunShine

    I think its girl and boy i have twin girls

  • Nasay Jones
    Nasay Jones  a years ago

    New subbie!!! The babies are going to want to be together! No matter their gender. They will be close.

  • Naimah Ali
    Naimah Ali  a years ago

    Girl try a probiotic to clear you out there are vegetarian one's for women's health and they're very helpful with keeping your vagina good and your intestines happy and btw you're beautiful as always I'm loving your vlogs you're the best and yes yoga will help as well

  • O’levia Kanaveia

    89 pounds girl?! Yes gain that weight boo

  • karen b
    karen b  a years ago

    Feb 4th is my BDAY.........C'mon Babies........Congrats

  • twiggy mcleod
    twiggy mcleod  a years ago

    would you keep the twins togther for the first yr or two than give them separate room late?

  • Nina Edwards
    Nina Edwards  a years ago

    Buy the house first

  • Janiah Eddie Reyes

    It’s such a blessing to be with twins, God blessed you honestly, to go through a miscarriage and be able to be having twins after that is honestly Gods work !! God bless you and your family

  • Jai Blessed
    Jai Blessed  a years ago

    They will be in your room for a while. Twins watch after each other. They won't want to be in separate rooms until like 8 or 10

  • feyman1
    feyman1  a years ago

    If you’re applying for a mortgage get the house first and then the vehicle just to minimize your debt to income ratio.

  • Daniel Ones
    Daniel Ones  a years ago


  • Jamilah Redmond
    Jamilah Redmond  a years ago

    I LOVE YOUR MOM!!!!! She is so sweet and funny.

  • MallarieForever
    MallarieForever  a years ago

    Im going against everybody and say 2 GIRLS!!!!!

  • Janelle White
    Janelle White  a years ago

    I think if its a girl and boy or same gender allow them to grow up in the same room for companionship or them babies will be coming to disturb u n Jerm in yall sleep at nights