So Many Headshots!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 5, 2018
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  • Ninja
    Ninja  a years ago +6210

    Stream will be live again tomorrow morning! <3

  • Lakshya Parikh
    Lakshya Parikh  7 months ago +125

    Who’s here in 2019??

  • Sami Chait
    Sami Chait  a years ago +158

    Ninja has better relationship advice than my grandma...

  • Dragon Woof Woof
    Dragon Woof Woof  4 months ago +23

    This was the first video of ninja I’ve ever watched
    Oh it brings back memories

  • GeckoMC
    GeckoMC  3 months ago +9

    I like the sound of gaming keyboard ⌨️

  • Josh Bates
    Josh Bates  a years ago +151

    Girl - "I thought we were getting back together ?"
    Guy- "Ninja said .....

  • Andrew Spurr
    Andrew Spurr  a years ago +23

    Your the best youtuber EVER (Fortnite is best) anyone with me

  • Titi Attisso
    Titi Attisso  6 months ago +8

    25 may 2018 i subbed ninja cuz fortnite
    6 days ago is unsubbed ninja cuz Apex Legends

  • weMeMe
    weMeMe  1 months ago +4

    Shoots man in head
    violence is never the answer man 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tara Frazier
    Tara Frazier  a years ago +8

    I just subscribed. You’re vids got me to watch fortnite vids now lol😂😂😍

  • jxrry Gonzalez
    jxrry Gonzalez  a years ago +390

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  • Ahmed Kamal
    Ahmed Kamal  11 months ago +13

    10:20 he moved

  • Nicole Whitehead
    Nicole Whitehead  4 days ago +2

    This is how many people miss tilted towers.

  • Keerthi Chandra
    Keerthi Chandra  1 months ago +2

    i love your back ground sound when there is someone doneted you

  • Mitch Harpenau
    Mitch Harpenau  yesterday

    Ninjas playing reminds me so much of my gameplay. The only minor difference about us is that I usually die right away, I miss every shot, and don't get any donations from random fans. I also give horrible advice that tends to do way more harm than good. So Ninja if you're reading this, we're not so different you and I.

  • Bluxio
    Bluxio  a years ago +122

    Guy: Moves
    Ninja: "BRO, HE'S HACKING"

  • KieranBoi
    KieranBoi  2 months ago +3

    11:36 Why he sound like Eminem when speaking that comment?

  • Sophie Degrassi
    Sophie Degrassi  6 months ago +1

    Ninja teeth who is the best player ever and you ninja

  • Tortoise The Turtle
    Tortoise The Turtle  2 months ago +1

    Yo, who's here during the Russian Revolution?!

  • Steven Santiago
    Steven Santiago  a years ago +11

    Hi Ninja you are cool