Beautiful Relaxing Music - Magical World, Relaxing Sleep Music

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • Beautiful Relaxing Music - Magical World, Relaxing Sleep Music


    ❋ 变奏的梦想
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    Relaxing BGM, Anime and Piano Mix:
    ►Best Sleep Music:
    ►Relaxing Japanese Music:
    ►Healing Piano Music:


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    _The Soul of Wind_


  • Anya 73
    Anya 73  7 days ago

    hi my friend i come see you now thank you for wathing my video tour video very nice i will support you 🔔👍🌹🌻❤Ok

  • geert reitsma
    geert reitsma  14 days ago

    Time is tale told by mankind
    A place is named after being found
    What a dream can create is more than you could hate
    To be free en close to this calm world is to have found you're way back at home

  • Fierce Deity
    Fierce Deity  14 days ago +1

    "Not far from Lumwood lies the Abyss of Death, and even further at the void's edge, lies a temple. Not any temple, mind you. But a temple made to seal away an ancient evil long ago. An un-killable beast that rivals the Gods in might and wisdom. It knows of the ancient past, and knows information we have lost thrice over. It is said that anyone with the Savior's Sword can cross the Abyss of Death without harm from the dark and journey to the Temple of the Beast. But beware, as it knows how corruptible men really are. I knows that their inherit nature is dark and malice. For it is the predecessor of them all. The first human, a mage so powerful the Gods nearly were killed by his dark magic. Even in all their might, the Gods could not kill this dark lord, so they sealed him in a temple far off, past the Abyss of Death where he could be watched and held until the end of time. He can control the mind of any mortal who might set foot in his temple. So heed this demon's words. Don't journey to the temple, lest you bring ruin upon this world. My father is rightfully locked up, don't free him. Should the brilliant golden chains holding him down break, all is lost..."

  • ほのか
    ほのか  21 days ago


  • Oscar
    Oscar  28 days ago

    too short :(

  • Jonathan Escobar
    Jonathan Escobar  1 months ago +5

    Wish life was always this relaxing 😔

  • Jinan Al Sayegh
    Jinan Al Sayegh  1 months ago

    Not a nice song

  • o m
    o m  1 months ago +5


  • Doreene Lam
    Doreene Lam  1 months ago +6

    I want to go to this Magical World, get inside the picture and staying in there when I feel tired.

  • Pranathi Batti
    Pranathi Batti  1 months ago +1

    is it just me or does it sound like naruto music?

  • Cesar Barrantes
    Cesar Barrantes  1 months ago

    First song name?

  • sufyan ahmed
    sufyan ahmed  2 months ago

    Beautiful ♥️

  • Anatoly Bear
    Anatoly Bear  2 months ago

    This music is very conducive to the creation of this world )

  • Cami chishko
    Cami chishko  2 months ago

    So magical!!🤗

  • Maria Writes
    Maria Writes  2 months ago +11

    I love cooking dinner to this music with dim lighting. It makes me feel like a Chinese princess in a far away land, away from all the chaos and reality. Thank you so much for this hidden treasure.

  • Hào Đoàn Văn
    Hào Đoàn Văn  2 months ago +1

    any have this background image or source of this ?, pls

  • 룬하
    룬하  3 months ago

    소환사의 협곡에 오신 것을 환영합니다

  • Mizz Mizz
    Mizz Mizz  3 months ago

    ad cko mình xin link ảnh vs ạ 🥰

  • Will Stewart
    Will Stewart  4 months ago +2

    I love that omnisphere mellotron flute...

  • 癒しのBGM
    癒しのBGM  4 months ago