How to use LoRa with Arduino | LoRa Tutorial with Circuit Code and AT commands | Reyax RYLR896

  • Published on:  Saturday, December 21, 2019
  • In this video, I have shown how to use Lora with Arduino for different IoT projects. Here we will use the Reyax RYLR896 Lora module to design a Lora Arduino circuit that can control a relay module from 10 KM distance.

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    Before getting started with the LoRa module I suggest you to watch the complete video on Lora basic tutorial but you can skip any portion of the Lora tutorial video by clicking on the following timestamp.
    00:04 What is LoRa and Lora features
    01:19 How to set LoRa Bandwidth, Address with AT commands
    04:30 How to connect Lora with Arduino
    06:01 Lora Transceiver connection on Breadboard
    07:00 How to connect Relay module with Arduino Lora circuit
    07:56 simple LoRa Arduino code to turn on and off a light bulb
    10:50 License free Band for LoRa module

    Download the Arduino Code and Datasheet of the Lora Module from

    During the video, we will discuss the different features of the Lora module and how we can send signal with the Lora device without using any WiFi or Bluetooth signal. Here we will use simple AT commands to send the signal from the transmitter circuit to the receiver circuit. This Lora Transceiver circuit is the best option for different IoT applications in rural areas. As the Lora range can be even more than 10Km so we can use this Lora circuit in agricultural land for controlling the water system, monitor moisture temperature, etc.

    After watching the video you can easily design the Lora Arduino circuit for your upcoming IoT projects or home automation projects.

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