Rie Makes A Cat-Shaped Cream Puff For Niki

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 21, 2018
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  • Rie McClenny
    Rie McClenny  8 months ago +11773

    Thank you guys so much for watching :)
    Subscribe to my new channel, I'll be posting videos here next year!

  • Efan Headford
    Efan Headford  7 months ago +1004

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Rie, not only has her English really improved; but so has her confidence. She’s so bubbly and sweet, and is really great and interesting person to watch.
    She is by far my favourite Tasty Producer, keep up the great work, you’re doing great!

  • Linh Tran
    Linh Tran  6 months ago +685

    Rie reminds me of Colette from Ratatouille

  • Unicorn cats and Glitter
    Unicorn cats and Glitter  7 months ago +1245

    Man she can make this and I can’t even make a proper ratio of chocolate and milk to make chocolate milk

  • _Shook_
    _Shook_  5 months ago +417

    When she said "mix the shit out of it" my wig literally flew out the window and into the neighbors kitchen.
    Rie is now my favorite out of the cast


    rie swearing is so uncharacteristic i love it

  • Blue Duckling
    Blue Duckling  7 months ago +1096

    "Adult flavor"

  • abigail van cloak
    abigail van cloak  7 months ago +850

    "Who do you think would be a macaron?"

  • Dhaval Paranjpye
    Dhaval Paranjpye  6 months ago +616

    I cannot explain how warm and cozy it feels when someone very close to you makes food for you and you get to chat while they make it. Every time I have had a bad day in office, I drop in at my brother's place and he makes me tea and noodles and we chat and then eat together. I can see an amazing chemistry between these two. Plus, Rie is awesome!!

  • Onzela Arif
    Onzela Arif  5 months ago +164

    Rie: Nikki reminds me of cats
    Also Rie: I'm allergic to cats
    Says so much abt their friendship.

  • J Smooove
    J Smooove  8 months ago +5480

    "...it's become churro."
    Rie is my favorite youtube personality.

  • maria francesca Rivera
    maria francesca Rivera  6 months ago +142

    Rie: *explaining something to Niki*
    Rie: YAH

  • v a n e s s
    v a n e s s  7 months ago +450

    niki should make a macaron for rie HAHAHAHA

  • An Ha
    An Ha  6 months ago +271

    Rie is one of the most beloved people on this channel and this whole video was just so kind and wholesome. It was genuinely so nice to watch this friendship and learn super helpful pastry facts :)

  • Toxic Angel
    Toxic Angel  7 months ago +454

    Her accent gets me every time

  • Reyniel Evangelista
    Reyniel Evangelista  8 months ago +1959

    I love Rie's sense of humor. from the squeaky toy that sounds like dying animals and the "adult flavor" lmao.

  • Sohftie Flower
    Sohftie Flower  7 months ago +261

    ShE wAs nOt AlLeRgIc tO tHe cAt. It was obviously her parents or siblings.

  • Laura Eshelman
    Laura Eshelman  6 months ago +250

    "Cause riceball is a white cat"
    So pureee

  • Andy M
    Andy M  6 months ago +160

    I love watching Rie cooking. She's so down to Earth. Rie, you need your own coming show! Move over Chef Ramsey!!

  • Mars Blue
    Mars Blue  6 months ago +88

    This was honestly so relaxing and pleasant to watch.
    It felt like two introverts interacting, or at least two relatively calm personalities just enjoying the process & each other’s company - whereas there is usually someone who is louder in volume/energy than the other in these videos.
    Loved it, would love to watch more videos with this kind of vibe in the future, too!