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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
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  • Jeffrey Meent
    Jeffrey Meent  a years ago +1480

    Real MCU fans know that this list doesn't make any sense.

  • Alexandra Petuhova
    Alexandra Petuhova  a years ago +1952

    How's winter soldier and first guardians not here and iron man 2 is

  • No.1 Spidey-Fan
    No.1 Spidey-Fan  a years ago +1143


  • bbcseriesfan
    bbcseriesfan  a years ago +726

    I know most people out here will get offended at Black Panther being so low (because heck yeah WHY IS IT SO LOW?) but I get more offended by Thor: Ragnarok being number 9 like...damn...that movie was the closest to the comicbooks ever... :'(

  • Beatriz Taveira
    Beatriz Taveira  a years ago +3457

    Justice for Thor ragnarok and black panther damn

  • Star BonJr
    Star BonJr  a years ago +345

    Funniest Marvel movie
    Thor: Ragnarok

  • Just a Potato
    Just a Potato  a years ago +2038

    Slightly upset that they didn’t put Doctor Strange in there...

  • Mr.TriggyBoi
    Mr.TriggyBoi  a years ago +392

    WHAT??? thor ragnarock at 9???????

  • Darkarot Z
    Darkarot Z  a years ago +1270

    "not his supah suits" XD

  • Badger
    Badger  a years ago +1233

    Mr Stark i dont feel so good...

  • singsingone
    singsingone  a years ago +443

    No Winter Soldier. the list is blasphemy........

  • Seth Parris
    Seth Parris  a years ago +693

    what is This ranking system based off of?

  • Anand Shridhar
    Anand Shridhar  a years ago +711

    This is what happens when the worldwide top 10 is different from the bubble that is the US pop culture space

  • Kadircan Elmas
    Kadircan Elmas  a years ago +139

    Wtf there is no Winter Soldier and GOTG1?

  • Dis_ RandomWolf
    Dis_ RandomWolf  a years ago +120

    Why is everyone putting Ragnarok at the bottom😂

  • White run guard
    White run guard  a years ago +56

    black panther: I’m the best movie with one of the best villains in the MCU
    Infinity war: hold my beer

  • Chriscftb97
    Chriscftb97  a years ago +432

    Winter Soldier? The best MCU movie doesn't make top 10?

  • J Sparky
    J Sparky  a years ago +87

    Why is Winter Soldier not in the top 10? Iron Man 2 is here.

  • Pupkorn 13
    Pupkorn 13  a years ago +332