Why Did You Think This Would Work?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 21, 2017
  • The world is full of questionable people doing questionable things, and I like to question them. Today's question: "why did you think this would work?" (the title of video lmao)

    Here's the thing; not everything is possible, and not everything you read is true. It's just not. That's why it's our job as living, breathing humans to figure out when someone is lying to us. It usually doesn't take much, just a minimal amount of critical thinking. And yet here we are, surrounded by people who seem to think everything they see on the internet is factual; and you better believe they're going to throw a fit when they're proven wrong.

    This is a pretty light rant. Just some fun silly goofs because I felt like my last couple videos have been a little too serious. If you subscribed to me to see me laugh at dumb shit on the internet and not to passionately dismantle someone or something I'm mad about, then today is your lucky day. Pointless rants are my specialty.

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  • Risha DebBarma
    Risha DebBarma  15 hours ago

    1:31 he forgot to mention minesweeper 😄😄

  • RainySundayAttics

    Well... This is it. I didn't want to subscribe to your channel... You style really isn't my thing. But... despite the delivery, all of your topics are Soo interesting. YouTube keep recommending you to me and I'm going down a rabbit hole of your videos... So here it is. A subscription. You win YouTube/Drew

  • J- Edits
    J- Edits  yesterday

    Nice cheese go moo

  • Kimberlyn Myers

    For him to being up playing with the calculator on the computer was a thing..... brings back sooooo many memories in elementary school and listening the already downloaded music that comes with the windows bulky ass computer

  • Owen
    Owen  yesterday

    Holy shit... Motherfuckin jezzball

    Hell yes

  • SkullGirls Ultimate Gamer

    I use love calc sometimes as a joke

  • K R
    K R  3 days ago

    I remember using the lovecalc in like middle school and just punching in random classmates names and seeing how "compatible" they were

  • Shadow Decidueye
    Shadow Decidueye  3 days ago +1

    My first Pokemon Go says us still need a profile picture to be be for I make a new one or what it is trash and he is kind of an idiot for a new note book and led pencil skirt with the hq is the god of thunder bay and he is stupid and watches guardians of the galaxy vol to do with a magikarp on your head up and go faster to know how to make the videos with like only the background is too much to do with a magikarp on your head up and go faster to know how to make a YouTube video but I need to know your working hours and you should get the California neighbor pass out to be the beast of an idiot

  • Fearless are you kidding I do not need a last name.

    I love your channel, Danny Gonzales.

  • Judi Tantawy
    Judi Tantawy  4 days ago

    Nice cheese go moo 😔

  • Just A Dweeb •_•

    Yay 1.69mil and let's keep it like that

  • Dida Bear
    Dida Bear  5 days ago

    I used to be obsessed with going through the AppStore and downloading almost anything I could find that was free. I remember one was like a milking app where you were milking a cow and you tried to do it as fast as you could and tried beating your own high score.

  • Hunt Westbrook
    Hunt Westbrook  5 days ago

    Drew, did you have to use a real dollar bill for the "go to the dollar" bit? WE GET IT, YOU'RE RICH!!!!

  • Cathy Box
    Cathy Box  5 days ago

    3:37 And that, my friends, is when Drew Gooden got possessed by John Mulaney

  • Renegade the Rapper
    Renegade the Rapper  5 days ago +1

    Where do I go to buy that paternity test app?

  • Wacking Cactus
    Wacking Cactus  5 days ago

    Thanks for the update and for the record I have to go to the store and get some rest and feel better soon and thanks for the heads up I will be there at the same time as the saying goes to bed me know when you get here for you and I will be there at least try to get some rest and feel better soon

  • PeigiChan
    PeigiChan  6 days ago

    U look like my music teacher lol

  • Will X4
    Will X4  7 days ago +1

    Why I laughing so much

  • Bryson Grover
    Bryson Grover  7 days ago +1

    5.8k people forgot to hit the thumbs down button again

  • Bea Herreman
    Bea Herreman  7 days ago

    Once I got a "Pretty Scale" app on the App store. I'm 69 percent pretty lmao