Why Did You Think This Would Work?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 21, 2017
  • The world is full of questionable people doing questionable things, and I like to question them. Today's question: "why did you think this would work?" (the title of video lmao)

    Here's the thing; not everything is possible, and not everything you read is true. It's just not. That's why it's our job as living, breathing humans to figure out when someone is lying to us. It usually doesn't take much, just a minimal amount of critical thinking. And yet here we are, surrounded by people who seem to think everything they see on the internet is factual; and you better believe they're going to throw a fit when they're proven wrong.

    This is a pretty light rant. Just some fun silly goofs because I felt like my last couple videos have been a little too serious. If you subscribed to me to see me laugh at dumb shit on the internet and not to passionately dismantle someone or something I'm mad about, then today is your lucky day. Pointless rants are my specialty.

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