Ghosts, Demons, Spirits - Real Talk Episode 33

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • What’s Halloween without listening to some scary sh**?

    On this episode, the cast shares their personal stories regarding their encounters with the supernatural.

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  • Millennials Of Singapore

    Share with us your supernatural experiences! 👻

  • lukman h
    lukman h  3 days ago

    yea i dont really believe in ghost but when it happens to me i cant even say a word..

  • shafiq laa
    shafiq laa  4 days ago

    if you happen to have sleep advise is move your tongue..its the only body part of you that can move during sleep paralysis..and when you move you tongue..move2 in your mouth ..slowly you can move your body..i tried it..and i managed to survive.. hehe

  • R.a .z.i.q
    R.a .z.i.q  5 days ago

    cb sia who ever edited this vid
    scary sia HAHAHA

    HADEEF AZHARI  5 days ago

    That undertaker story from john is so scary

  • k
    k  6 days ago

    Smtg similar happened to me.I was gg down the stairs cos i lazy take lift its far away from my house n it was 6am so the surroundings was pretty dark then infront was a wall and got one kid put his head out to peek at me from behind the wall

  • Dasol UwU
    Dasol UwU  7 days ago

    11:50 damn cute this ghost sia hahaha

  • 엘리
    엘리  7 days ago +1

    i like how jade immediately link to science AHHAHAHAHA

  • Faliq Anwar
    Faliq Anwar  7 days ago

    want more 😭😭

  • Ayrton Ng
    Ayrton Ng  7 days ago +1

    damn i was not expecting a jump scare at the end of the video

  • king ben
    king ben  7 days ago +2

    Back again watching 4hrs b4 exams holy shit I so scared now

  • John Doe
    John Doe  7 days ago

    Footprints on the ceiling? Sure it wasn't Lionel Richie? 😂👣

  • aaaaaaaaaa8215
    aaaaaaaaaa8215  7 days ago

    ghost are real, like you said the human mind is very powerful, what we refer to as a ghost is just human consciousness post death.

  • Maganashaker
    Maganashaker  7 days ago

    I once watched a YT video “Have you seen this man flying in your dreams?” Then suddenly my best friend show up besides me and say, “Have you seen me in you dreams?” I damn scared because I have no best friends.

  • herman Beeking
    herman Beeking  7 days ago +1

    No believe in ghost, go and see for yourself
    Believe or not believe

  • Maomi
    Maomi  7 days ago

    Is there an explanation behind sleep paralysis?

  • Rosalind
    Rosalind  7 days ago +3

    My late grandma had a third eye. When i was young, I thought she was 'crazy' because i saw her talking to herself most of the nights,facing the window.
    It was only when I was older when my mom talked about it and then the incidents/flashback made sense on how she was acting/behaving.

  • Richard Pendragon
    Richard Pendragon  7 days ago +2

    The mind is the strongest muscle in the body, until you learn to control it, you will always believe what you think and thats what makes people egotistical

  • Brunella Ng
    Brunella Ng  7 days ago

    did nobody notice the orb from 4:58-5:02 ish ish lol

  • Sir Hou
    Sir Hou  7 days ago +1

    focus during the time at 5:00 at top left