Oscar Host Auditions - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018


  • Jupiter-Jesus
    Jupiter-Jesus  8 months ago +3984

    Dude that's such a good Silverman impression.

  • Evelyn Wilson
    Evelyn Wilson  8 months ago +1727

    Matt looked more like Chris Pratt when he was being Chris Hemsworth

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva  8 months ago +1834

    anyone else trying to follow along to the Matthew McConaughey timeline before realizing none of what that dude says makes sense?

  • Dan Gaylord
    Dan Gaylord  8 months ago +729

    Melissa Villaseñor can do like ALL the impressions, why aren't they using her more?

  • Mare Imbrium
    Mare Imbrium  8 months ago +523

    I could listen to Aidy Bryant talk like Hannah Gadsby for the rest of my life 0:50

  • Gabriel Paolo Perez
    Gabriel Paolo Perez  8 months ago +2329

    Gosh, that Michelle Wolf impression is incredible.

  • olivia15073
    olivia15073  8 months ago +1965

    “Who will risk everything to gain absolutely nothing?” EXACTLY..

  • S J
    S J  7 months ago +543

    The cast of SNL should host the Oscars as these characters/people

  • Kae Tuk
    Kae Tuk  8 months ago +897

    as a big Alison fan, the impression is dead-on, the eyeshadow, the smile, the tune. god I like this comedian.

  • jwb4291
    jwb4291  8 months ago +258

    Cecily Strong's ‎Rachel Brosnahan was suuuuuuuuuuperb

  • Brandon
    Brandon  8 months ago +1887

    Dude. Damon does an awesome Mcconaughey.

  • 00
    00  7 months ago +501

    that rami malek tho

  • Carly Booth
    Carly Booth  8 months ago +426

    That Hannah Gadsby impression was on point!

  • TeamSukiyo
    TeamSukiyo  8 months ago +69

    I was fully expecting Matt Damon to show up as Jimmy Kimmel....

  • Gang Projects
    Gang Projects  8 months ago +433

    “I was talking to my hero, who is me in 10 years”
    had me dying! I remember thinking that was so smug when he won his Oscar

  • Fryda Wolff
    Fryda Wolff  8 months ago +2766

    Everybody nailed it here, bravo.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool  8 months ago +248

    Matt Damon has become really obsessed with Chris Hemsworth these last few years.

  • Sophie Zinberg
    Sophie Zinberg  8 months ago +179

    Thank GOD they finally used Melissa Villaseñor for her great impressions! Totally underutilized.

  • Roma Krelian
    Roma Krelian  8 months ago +158

    This would have been a lot funnier if they picked a bunch of actors who had a bad history on twitter and put them in the awkward position of defending their tweets during their interviews.

  • Spiros Mousouris
    Spiros Mousouris  8 months ago +193

    How is Cecily getting hotter? Those legs tho