I'm About to Be Lobotomized. Then I Hear "RUN!" | Sid Roth & Gary Whetstone

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 11, 2019
  • Gary Whetstone was about to be lobotomized. Then he heard a voice telling him to run. Find out what happened next on this classic episode of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!
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  • Krista Brewer
    Krista Brewer  3 days ago

    You should look him up on the regular Sid Roth episodes (the ones with the audience. I never liked these ones). The other one has Gary Whetstone on it telling his story, plus, like always, they actually showed the reenactments. He was on there 2 or 3 years ago. I saved it to my computer cause it was so good

  • Gord Desm
    Gord Desm  3 days ago

    Thanks Sid reminds me of that movie "Sucker Punch"

  • Susan Zakszewski
    Susan Zakszewski  21 days ago +1

    Wow 😮 what a wonderful video ❤️

  • Angel'slove C.
    Angel'slove C.  28 days ago +1

    Cant be more clearer about how much damage can that so called miraculous herb that everyone is A+ about these days can do on mental health.

  • Adams Omede
    Adams Omede  1 months ago

    17:51 add value ...

  • Haitai Amber
    Haitai Amber  1 months ago +1

    Jesus set him free like the prisoners in the bible!

  • Apostle Marissa Sharp Freeman

    This is awful that the government can do this to people, and they can totally get away with it! Things like this still go on, all the time. Praise God that God delivered him and got him out! Pray for the people in these horrible government-experiment places that are being held captive against their wills!

  • Joan Karanja
    Joan Karanja  1 months ago

    15:10 ''babysat while she dated other men'' couldnt help laughing...his body language says it all

  • V. Jose
    V. Jose  1 months ago +1

    Lord, please hear my cry... what do I do??? How will I make it through???

  • Kristi MacLeod
    Kristi MacLeod  1 months ago

    Why are so many Christian women so overweight? The body is a temple, dont they understand this? They must have some sort of deep sadness or lack in their life to have let themselves get to this point. I've never understood this.

  • Jasmine G
    Jasmine G  1 months ago

    Am I the only one that would want a movie made !??WOW AMAZING TESTIMONY

  • Jasmine G
    Jasmine G  1 months ago

    Make a movie !!!!!

  • Lisa Newton
    Lisa Newton  1 months ago

    What a beautiful story. I feel the wonder and sacrifice from you both. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Thank you Sid.

  • QUEEN Victory
    QUEEN Victory  1 months ago +3

    All glory be to God almighty jesus christ of Nazareth amen and amen

  • Wereyour angels
    Wereyour angels  1 months ago


  • The Rooted Word
    The Rooted Word  1 months ago +1

    When will you perverse men stop sensationalizing God?

  • Dena Redford
    Dena Redford  1 months ago

    I thought that lobotomy stuff was out dated .

  • Luina Narvaez
    Luina Narvaez  1 months ago

    This is how the world government will take Christians away as insane and declared mentally unstable, especially when we will not deny Jesus during chipping in new money system.

  • Oladokun Oladiran
    Oladokun Oladiran  1 months ago +5

    Pray with me
    I want my family to see Jesus in me to the extent that they draw to the Lord...wanting what I have and getting saved

  • Maralah Quin
    Maralah Quin  1 months ago

    Wow. This is like a de ja vue for me. Thank you Lord. I escaped too. Orphanges are famous for such abuses. Esp. against the true "Children of God". I honestly believe that we glow in the spiritual realm that how the demons know who to attack. Its always an orchestrated wicked plan to divert us from our calling. I just thank God even more for His mercy and Salvation. Wonder how many didn't get away.