The Best Upcoming SUPERHERO Movies 2019 (Trailer)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 27, 2018
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    Included in this compilation are X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Hellboy, Shazam, Captain Marvel, Avengers 4: Endgame, X-Men: New Mutants, Glass and Joker.

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  • She took the kids
    She took the kids  4 minutes ago +1

    Backpack kid sues DC

  • JA Pudin
    JA Pudin  33 minutes ago

    YES! Raincoatman is back!

  • Tommy Tucker
    Tommy Tucker  35 minutes ago

    Kill off Mystique or stop making her a hero! I don't know why they can't ever get these movies right. They have a template. The Comic Book. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • Mathew Watkins
    Mathew Watkins  58 minutes ago


  • Reed Dragon
    Reed Dragon  an hour ago

    Capt Marvel remembering me with Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft 2

  • Charles Nornoo
    Charles Nornoo  an hour ago

    x Men: Last Stand here we go again. Oh, Sansa's here too? The actress who plays Jean Grey MAY (ie my opinion) have been chosen the same way Captain Marvel was. Hair colour and current relevancy due to success in TV or film of genres not at all relevant for the role they're about to tackle. I do hope she does the role justice though. For as long as FOX holds on to the X Men film rights, I continue to shudder at what more damage they could do to the current incarnation of the X Men beyond the steaming pile that was X Men Apocalypse.

  • ross cohrnan
    ross cohrnan  an hour ago

    now i see gun becoming tool for god to eliminate enemies that seem gun is more powerful than god - very insane

  • Shon Atish
    Shon Atish  2 hours ago

    Mehn venom should be to in this movie

  • Tropolate
    Tropolate  2 hours ago

    Why does the make up on hell boy look off, don't get me wrong it looks great but it just doesn't seem right

  • Uriel Castillo
    Uriel Castillo  2 hours ago

    wheres spiderman far from home

  • Designs
    Designs  3 hours ago

    Cpt Marvel with... Rey Face. xD

  • Juid
    Juid  3 hours ago

    oh cool, X-men 3 remake

  • akash1229
    akash1229  3 hours ago

    Sansa what did Ramsay do to you??

  • Thanos T.
    Thanos T.  3 hours ago +1

    Well...i hope captain marvel is badass enough to face me

  • Random Games
    Random Games  4 hours ago

    Winter is coming

  • CapitanoGUC
    CapitanoGUC  4 hours ago

    7:35 - ain´t that Killary Clinton??? :-o

  • Ayden messina
    Ayden messina  4 hours ago +1

    best super hero 🦸‍♀️ female ever
    STAMPED 🚫🧢

  • YoutubeOverTV
    YoutubeOverTV  4 hours ago

    Too bad DC made Shazam a total joke. Would have been nice to be able to take him seriously from time to time. It's like a Ben Stiller movie. Anyway, good year of movies ahead 🙂👍

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine  5 hours ago

    I thought the thumbnail was Man-Bat from Batman you got me excited

  • RXbigZ
    RXbigZ  5 hours ago

    13:08 what this song name please?