Copart Live Bidding - Winning 3 Cars = Nissan 350z + $430 Galant!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  9 months ago +32

    Check out these links for great Jump and Carry booster packs:
    1700 Amp JNC660 $119:
    1700 Amp JNC770R $159:
    3400 Amp JNC1224 $390: (in video)
    Tiny Boost JNC318 $109:

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith  14 days ago

    That Mitso looks like there was a murder in the back seat !

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith  14 days ago

    Bent right rear lower control arm.

  • label1877
    label1877  14 days ago

    Just bought my first Copart car. Blown away by the fees. $2,750 car. Copart charged me $640 in fees. Think I will just buy off Craigslist like I have for years.

  • usaidwhat calibaby

    All the cars you bought barring the acura are kinda boy racerish innit.

  • Mari Curls
    Mari Curls  21 days ago

    What is RESERVE????

  • Musazada Emran
    Musazada Emran  21 days ago

    How can I go to this website 🙏

  • IntuitionPCS
    IntuitionPCS  21 days ago

    Why are you buying 20yr old cars? The mitsu is horrible worst brand..i had a 2004 mitsu endeavor $1300 no shop in Brooklyn wanted to mess with it to fix a mitsu especially old one

  • Arif Saahd
    Arif Saahd  28 days ago

    Do you need a dealer license to buy cars from Copart?

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown  1 months ago

    What do you do if u don’t live In that state to get the cars to u

  • jaime rivera
    jaime rivera  1 months ago

    340z I think is good buy people love them.. those high mileage cars are problems..

  • David Franklin
    David Franklin  1 months ago

    How did you get the Galant $430 out the door? When I was on the website, a $400 car would end up being $1,400 with all the fees..

  • Hardcastle 1971
    Hardcastle 1971  1 months ago

    even if you bought them as a parts car you would still be making money if parting them out. or even parts for your own car

  • luka papidze
    luka papidze  1 months ago

    when you are placing bid and someone else wins auction are you losing that money you have placed?

  • Dragon ball z fans
    Dragon ball z fans  2 months ago +1

    Do u need a lisence to bid on copart ? Or what's the amount to bid without lisence?

  • Robert Middleton
    Robert Middleton  2 months ago

    Wheres best place for G.M big rwd cars

  • rick powell
    rick powell  2 months ago

    Those who dont like Autos ware Caps Backwards and are covered in Acne.

  • mark luers
    mark luers  2 months ago

    So if it has a clean title can public buy them?

  • Cameron Lhamon
    Cameron Lhamon  2 months ago

    *opens door
    I said " nice interi- its a automatic"
    "I know its a automatic"

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B  3 months ago

    I definitely like your content man!