The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • Joseph Duitsman
    Joseph Duitsman  14 minutes ago

    Its not really that difficult. You just go to a mattress store, try out mattresses and buy your favorite one. Very simple process

  • Jonas Nordstrand
    Jonas Nordstrand  15 minutes ago

    I like my IKEA mattress, didnt cost too much either

  • George Farrar
    George Farrar  20 minutes ago

    That two second spook at the end got me

  • Moortje Arkhorn
    Moortje Arkhorn  48 minutes ago

    Sounds like there's room for some competition, any one what to start a new mattress company with real prices?

  • Martin Hriibek
    Martin Hriibek  55 minutes ago

    As a former mattress company employee: You know that mattress you can buy in a shop for 500 dollars? Yeah, I could buy that right from production for 50 dollars.
    And that luxury 7 zone massage anti-death pleasure deluxe mattress? I designed that. Yes, me - IT guy with no background in mattress production or science.

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White  an hour ago

    Adam ruined his diet

  • Mrozek
    Mrozek  an hour ago

    Lol that blonde is funny, but she kinda looks like crack addict.

  • El Blankento
    El Blankento  an hour ago

    I swear I've seen this guy on Netflix.

    NINTEN DO  an hour ago +1

    Yaa there is another proof about the dumbest nationality on the world.. Yaa you eat just everything asseholes's..

  • rmisionero
    rmisionero  an hour ago

    Damn it, Adam!

  • P K
    P K  an hour ago

    This guy just told us the obvious 😂

  • Gaming Nightcore
    Gaming Nightcore  an hour ago


  • Chef Excellence
    Chef Excellence  2 hours ago

    youtube please stop suggesting this to me, thankyou.

  • Kyle Nielson
    Kyle Nielson  2 hours ago

    I've slept on camping pads for the past 4 years. I bought my last one two years ago at costco for $40. It works, and I sleep well every night. I don't know if this is a brag, or just sad. Eh, either way it's the truth.

  • Gaming Casualties
    Gaming Casualties  2 hours ago +1

    what about inflatable mattresses ?

  • BlameThe WhiteGuy
    BlameThe WhiteGuy  2 hours ago

    I got my mattress at sams club. Works fine w a nice pillow topper lol.

  • Trigger
    Trigger  2 hours ago

    I was literally thinking to my self. Adam needs to do a mattress episode.. and poof! Here it is.

  • Resplendent Moron
    Resplendent Moron  2 hours ago

    Sleep on a platform bed, on top of a few layers of blankets, memory foam, and eggcrate foam. Build your own bed from commodity parts. Been doing it for years, never regretted it.

  • The Awesome Pazzo
    The Awesome Pazzo  2 hours ago

    pause at 2:51 and read what the magazine says -_-

  • Resplendent Moron
    Resplendent Moron  2 hours ago

    Squats've been paying off for busy lady.