Easiest Salad Dressing on Earth - You Suck at Cooking (episode 15)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 18, 2015
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  • skycubx
    skycubx  4 years ago +3051

    trying to figure out how the hell you made the skateboard do that

  • Phalxxx
    Phalxxx  3 years ago +1313

    I'm pretty sure he knows there's gravity on the moon. It's a joke, just go with it people, you'll enjoy life more.

  • Huggbees
    Huggbees  3 years ago +1255

    Please post links to download your songs. Or just this one. Actually you should just come to my house and record some more. I've got a spare rec room with some beanbag chairs in it you guys can use. Hell, I'll even buy you lunch, you like Buffalo Wild Wings? I don't, but we can go there if you want to.

  • TheKiaraLady
    TheKiaraLady  3 years ago +788

    I keep thinking "Okay just one more video."
    I need to just stop lying to myself and admit that I'm about to marathon all the everything.

  • derp2derp .com
    derp2derp .com  3 years ago +579

    That mustard run tho. lolol. I genuinely thought he was gonna go to the store. Why don't I ever learn?
    Hahaha. I love this channel so much. 😆

  • Phillydip
    Phillydip  3 years ago +178

    Ok but I don't have a skateboard. How do I get to the fridge?

  • Jade Tan
    Jade Tan  2 years ago +152

    I love it when he laughs

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith  3 years ago +323

    LOL The video editing on this was deceitfully complicated. Not sure how you did that with the skateboard, and the final clip is simultaneously played reverse and forward at the same time.

  • Steven Titus
    Steven Titus  4 years ago +235

    So I just figured out how you made your skateboard float, you entered in the cheat code "noforce". Right?

  • Keith McClain
    Keith McClain  a years ago +58

    I’m very late but I just wanted to say the production of these videos is so good and the editing is so lovely and smooth aghhh it’s just great so thanks for that I guess

  • Kureyoshijo
    Kureyoshijo  3 years ago +527

    tbh i watch it to the end for the song

  • JuicyMullet
    JuicyMullet  3 years ago +187

    Do I have to be on the moon to make the moon salad dressing?

  • SwissArmyBumpkin
    SwissArmyBumpkin  3 years ago +85

    Damn it Devan! you had one job!! 😂😂

  • UnoriginalBen
    UnoriginalBen  4 years ago +51

    Is there an easy method for making salad dressing on Uranus?

  • Diddly Doo
    Diddly Doo  2 years ago +15

    pshhh amateur.
    I only eat the vegetables. RAW without dressing and getting washed.
    I visit the farms and dig the vegetables out and devour it along with the fresh bugs and dirt. I get extra protein and minerals.

  • IzzoSkizzy
    IzzoSkizzy  4 years ago +82

    You're genius. Please continue this for quite some time.

  • A White Oreo
    A White Oreo  4 years ago +23

    This was good, but I need a tutorial on how to make toast... Last time I tried, well let's just say the Titanic may never sail again

  • Devon La Force
    Devon La Force  2 years ago +17

    So what if you see my hand, I spent 50 bucks on that bottle of lotion and I want people to see how soft my hands are!

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick  3 years ago +42

    This channel deserves more views.

  • Chelsea Deosaran
    Chelsea Deosaran  3 years ago +23

    Why are u so amazing