When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 3, 2017
  • Hilarious! From the Oprah Show 2005, back when the two NBA legends were still friends.
    I was given permission from Harpo Studios to air this publicly as long as time-code window is displayed at the top.
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  • Léi Jùn Huī
    Léi Jùn Huī  5 hours ago

    Bromance x3... Gotta love it. Was amazing to see this. Can't believe I ignored it that many times.

  • Mnqobi eiddie
    Mnqobi eiddie  17 hours ago


  • Gg Morris Jr.
    Gg Morris Jr.  17 hours ago

    Charles Bark need to find out if Ali is father

  • Bre Mello
    Bre Mello  yesterday

    Chuck said we don't even know Jordan said we u mean u🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AltCtrlR
    AltCtrlR  yesterday

    Why does he look like Jimmy Butler in the thumbnail

  • Abel Flores
    Abel Flores  yesterday

    Did smoke just come out of Jordan's mouth at .54 seconds?

  • Jay Chadwick
    Jay Chadwick  yesterday +1


  • Dork
    Dork  yesterday

    Jordan is the GOAT and all, but Chuck is my most favorite person in the world. The man is a gift to humanity. I wish more people are like him.

  • Augustin Berthiaume
    Augustin Berthiaume  2 days ago +1

    When Jordan roasted Charles Barkley*

  • Farley 925
    Farley 925  2 days ago

    🤔 Anyone else notice MJ reaction to the crowd @ 11:48 - 11:54? Seems like he didn't like them laughing at that. And they shut up real quick..

  • Jennifer Gallegos
    Jennifer Gallegos  2 days ago +3

    2019 December 11 and this is my first time watching this interview

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt  2 days ago

    This is gold.

  • thomassherman61
    thomassherman61  2 days ago

    i think there are some unsettled wagers from the golf course that has added animosity beyond the court.

  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker  3 days ago

    LMFAO! Sir Charles! Oh man!

  • Jarek Wajcfeld
    Jarek Wajcfeld  3 days ago

    I think Michael respect Barkley becose he 's not lick in his ass

  • theFastLane
    theFastLane  3 days ago +1

    it's obvious. the monstars took charles' golfing talent!

  • S Lawson
    S Lawson  4 days ago +1

    Looking at this I see two endearing relationships MJ had and now they're broken. One with this wife and one with Charles. What does that say about the person Jordan is? Sad.

  • blacklevinae86
    blacklevinae86  4 days ago

    mj negotiated all talents with monstars , n low key left barkleys .

  • Dark Ninja101
    Dark Ninja101  4 days ago +11

    If a he can say, “spare me some change,” then he can say,” Hi welcome to McDonals, how can I help you?” 😭😭😭

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee  4 days ago

    The goat dropping goat analysis @ 18:25