Listen for Seth Rogen's Voice if You Ride Public Transportation in Toronto or Vancouver

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Seth Rogen gives Jimmy his honest reaction to Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon at Universal Studios and reveals how he took over as the new voice for Toronto and Vancouver public transportation.

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    Listen for Seth Rogen's Voice if You Ride Public Transportation in Toronto or Vancouver



  • Lego Brick Meltdown
    Lego Brick Meltdown  5 months ago

    Yea I heard it on the sky train at first I was confused but now it makes sense

  • Just Abide
    Just Abide  6 months ago

    .... And he's been pulled.

  • Mc Eldon Dagohoy
    Mc Eldon Dagohoy  6 months ago

    sounded like pumbaa at lion king 😂😂

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque  7 months ago

    let me know the name of the outro song plz

  • Julius Toth
    Julius Toth  9 months ago


  • Andrew Pagetta
    Andrew Pagetta  9 months ago

    I'm Canadian and didn't know we had a walk of Fame

  • Anders
    Anders  9 months ago

    Jimmy is so fake and American!

  • Andrei Sison
    Andrei Sison  9 months ago

    smh toronto got jealous of vancity

  • Madeleine Wynne
    Madeleine Wynne  9 months ago

    The Seth Rohan announcements lose their novelty after the bus driver plays the same one five times back to back

  • Carew Martin
    Carew Martin  10 months ago

    Jimmy has one of the fakest laughs ever

  • A Decent Medic
    A Decent Medic  10 months ago

    I think i heard Seth at Commercial - Broadway.

  • CAZZ
    CAZZ  10 months ago

    Next up, Winnipeg? We need more Seth in this depressing city.

  • Coded Warrior
    Coded Warrior  11 months ago

    Ttc 💖

  • Christopher Moltisanti

    Perfect. the voice of pot on the train when it's about to be legal.

  • Garrett Jephcott
    Garrett Jephcott  a years ago

    I live in Vancouver

  • Edgy Central
    Edgy Central  a years ago

    no one likes pedophile rogen. and his voice is super annoying

  • Mian N
    Mian N  a years ago

    Geez Seth. Chill are so hyper when you speak. I am Canadian too. Just relax bro. You give us Canadians a bad rap. Heard pot is becoming legal here soon. Maybe that will chill you down

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra  a years ago

    i've never seen nail clipping in my decade of commuting in Toronto. Guess I just erased it from my memory

  • My Android
    My Android  a years ago

    They masterbate on the trains here in LA

  • CorinasMusic
    CorinasMusic  a years ago

    Yaaaaas Canada!! Fucking love hearing Seth Rogan on the skytrain!! #vancouver