Norman Brennan on Knife Crime and Chaos on the Streets

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Former police officer of 31 years' experience, with 9 commendations for bravery and outstanding police work, Norman Brennan is a leading law and order campaigner, specialising in gun and knife crime.


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  • Bobby the Wedge
    Bobby the Wedge  16 hours ago

    "guess we better try that here in America and see if we can get a different, better, result!" - all the dems

    wouldn't that technically be the definition of insanity? doing the same thing expecting a different result

  • lincs 4life
    lincs 4life  3 days ago

    The problem is to many people and not enough resources, people are desperate and it's dog eat dog world you've gotta be violent and ruthless to survive. The only way to solve the problem is less people and more to go around

  • ReputableFilm
    ReputableFilm  7 days ago

    I would like to see and interview with Doc Sewell ( and Norman in the same room. It would be interesting to see where they agree and disagree. How about it Konstantin? Francis?

  • Healthy & Nurtured

    Part of the 10year plan should include : cuts on governmental funds on unplanned childcare

  • Winston churchill
    Winston churchill  14 days ago

    As far as policing is concerned, People need protection from parliament, including the police.

  • Colin Kingswood
    Colin Kingswood  14 days ago

    Spending a bit less time arresting kids for social media posts might help as well.

  • Marco Castellano
    Marco Castellano  14 days ago

    I know how to solve it. Police twitter instead, stop hiring toxic masculine muscle bound men and hire a bunch of 50 kg feminists. Then make all of the officers in charge immigrants with a political agenda and more allegiance to their own skin color than the culture of britian. Yeah, that will do it. Oh yeah, and arrest Count Dankula.

  • J.Cheever Loophole
    J.Cheever Loophole  14 days ago +1

    Root out Common Purpose from the police, bring back the old school Chief Constables & let them run the service as they used to, instead of being political enforcement police.
    And re knives, especially in London...Sky News did an interview with some young blacks..."Why're you carry knives?" they asked...
    "Its the Africans innit? Dem boys ALWAYS carry & dey ain't afraid to use them, if we don't carry...we're dead innit?"
    Yeah that didn't get aired much....import become Africa...

  • Defenstrator
    Defenstrator  14 days ago

    I don’t know what he means about a lack of police. If you say something mean on Twitter they show up right away.

  • Circus Midgets
    Circus Midgets  14 days ago +1

    Police panting their nails for gay advents and posting on Twitter showing of their fucking virtue, that stupid bitch "Dick of the yard" needs booting out along with Jihadi Khan removed. My city London has gone to hell, how fucking dare they turn my city into a third world c**t hole!
    I never asked for this.

  • Lord Joy
    Lord Joy  14 days ago +1

    Bless Sadiq and MC enrichment!
    PC is the way!
    Criminalize all critique, scrutiny and personal opinion!

  • Metaphix
    Metaphix  14 days ago +2

    Society has been brow beaten by the left about the overblown and overplayed racism "epidemic". This is the result. Rotheram is the result. The UK is gone unless the real British take their island back.

  • Metaphix
    Metaphix  14 days ago

    the UK is a joke, these are the same officers who refused to prosecute child rape for fear of being called racist. The UK is well and truly fucked. Enjoy your diversity.

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man  14 days ago +1

    The police have lost control of the streets...but also the respect of much of the general public for their politicised behaviour, activities and priorities.
    Where are the senior police, the mid ranking, the Federation?
    All looking to their own interests and career prospects !
    Why now graduate recruiting? To get people with the right politics?
    Why is Common Purpose even allowed?
    Its Leftist Masonry.

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man  14 days ago

    Theresa May was absolutely useless, worse dangerous, as Home Sec and PM.
    I'm astounded she got anywhere....she even labelled her own people the Nasty Party.
    She should be in prison...not enjoying perks.

  • Rick Bonath
    Rick Bonath  14 days ago

    Well done! I'm American so I don't have a good grasp on the hyper-specifics about important issues, especially issues that the media won't cover, or topics the media refuses to fairly report on. There could be a mass-killing of 10,000 police officers in the UK (or the US) and the media would say they deserved it or they antagonized it. I hate the media, they lie and they don't like truth. The black community in the US is the same as everywhere, I'm not sure what the problem is but I know there is a problem- we need to figure it out because blacks are becoming too violent and it is going to come down to the silent and tolerant majority, aka white people, becoming equally as violent or even persecuting the blacks, doing to them as they are doing to others. The silent majority is getting sick of black violence, we are tired of neighborhoods becoming too violent for white people to live in, we are tired of muggings, we are tired of murders. The black community was put on notice by several brave men, stop killing or bad things will happen and it will be the same people calling cops racists who start taking back the streets.

  • Ralph Williams
    Ralph Williams  14 days ago

    Problem khan

  • Sensual Digest
    Sensual Digest  14 days ago +2

    Low average IQ and higher than average testosterone is the reason. As well as the media demonizing our way of life and more.

  • Elizabeth Munson
    Elizabeth Munson  14 days ago

    When you force your way into a continent illegally then pick a welfare country with a soft touch you do what you want and get away with it. This is just the beginning look at America. Luckily we don’t allow guns but knives will do for those inclined just fine.

  • Uncle J Ruckus
    Uncle J Ruckus  14 days ago +5

    In a nut shell broader society must pay for the dysfunctional sexual behaviour of certain groups