The Dog With A Mysterious Injury | Animal in Crisis EP4

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • *Please hit the CC button for English subtitles*

    This white Jindo Dog has many unsolved mysteries


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  • sajad sajad
    sajad sajad  15 hours ago


  • Kwokman Ngai
    Kwokman Ngai  3 days ago

    Thank you. From Australia

  • 김광진
    김광진  4 days ago


  • Faisal Reza
    Faisal Reza  5 days ago

    Good job

  • Ми Ми
    Ми Ми  5 days ago

    Возьмут они , лишь бы потом не съели их на обед 😡

  • Outer Plays
    Outer Plays  6 days ago

    Not gonna lie, this part is kinda epic

  • Fabíola Nascimento

    vou dizer umas coisas uma pessoa dessa faz um negocio desses com o cachorro deixar a perna seria melhor nem criar 😑😑😑😑

  • amin chang
    amin chang  7 days ago

    Gracias a Dios hay gente buena rn el camino de estos pobres animales maltratados💝

  • Legend Arrow
    Legend Arrow  7 days ago


  • Crónchs Pop
    Crónchs Pop  7 days ago

    Y porq al principio se ve atado con el cable y ya después cuando lo agarran ya no está atado! Quién le quitó el cable?

  • vasyarams
    vasyarams  7 days ago


    RIN VIK  7 days ago

  • Joker Play
    Joker Play  7 days ago


  • se na
    se na  7 days ago


  • Carmela Volturno
    Carmela Volturno  7 days ago

    Non è possibile avere sottotitoli in italiano?

  • Bình Yên
    Bình Yên  14 days ago


  • aney monson
    aney monson  14 days ago

    Y such persons live who don't have heart for animals

  • Hiranur Akın
    Hiranur Akın  14 days ago +1


  • J JS
    J JS  14 days ago

    Dogs and Cats Aren't food. Its an age old culture with NO scientific benefits!!!!..End this Anywhere in Asia!!!!!...The World does Not owe us humankind Anything. They were here First. Amen.💓💗💖❤👍👍👍

    I AM IRON MAN  14 days ago

    I know a cat that don't have a left leg and I see her every day but....
    How can I help if the country that I live doesn't give a fuck
    And I see the children bullying her and the best I can do is to free her from those devils😔😔