How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States.

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    How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport


  • Heavy Metal Kitten
    Heavy Metal Kitten  4 minutes ago

    Horse meat sausage?!


  • Harambe
    Harambe  an hour ago

    7:05 i can tell 🤣

  • Robmoney 4life
    Robmoney 4life  2 hours ago

    I bet u some of the people who dispose of the stuff take some of it home

  • Joeh1154
    Joeh1154  2 hours ago

    This goes to the duplicity of humans. You go to work, take care of bills and Family then, you try to sneak something illegal into the country. Pay the fine, learn the hard way.

  • Mtb Ridingog
    Mtb Ridingog  3 hours ago

    Those drugs arent just put away as evidence forever or just destroyed they are used by rich people or even the people that put the drugs away supposed ... It doesn't make sense at all ... All those drugs and they just put it in a room or rooms which will take up space and money to store it over time .... They use the crap it's simple.

  • MademoiselleRia
    MademoiselleRia  3 hours ago

    People are starving while they’re incinerating food T^T

  • Douhghlie04
    Douhghlie04  3 hours ago

    Last time they opened up a ladies bag coming from Jamaica she brought some type of meat and a Jamaican cock roach came out of her bag and the roach got away. Tell me that roach doesn't mess up the countries eco system?!

  • Douhghlie04
    Douhghlie04  3 hours ago

    Get em Spike just leave the weed alone baby bubba! You are what you eat Biscuit! 🙏🏾

  • evan
    evan  4 hours ago

    Lmao I see people complaining about the US waisting food, do y’all not know what invasive species are?💀

  • gloria marin
    gloria marin  4 hours ago

    Is that before or after the airport employees help themselves to whatever is in your luggage

  • wealthy black man
    wealthy black man  5 hours ago

    A fat feminist with a love for food has the perfect job.... merica... males have no privalege at all.

  • Alisha Francis
    Alisha Francis  5 hours ago

    It's sad to see all that food go to waste
    Every continent, every country, every state needs to do better

  • Lue-Yee Tsang
    Lue-Yee Tsang  6 hours ago

    /Grinded/ is not the correct past participle.

  • Dontlikenaimepas
    Dontlikenaimepas  6 hours ago

    Explain why airplanes need to burn their packed food too ://

  • Vax Not
    Vax Not  6 hours ago

    She explained that it's to protect agriculture industry interests. Big Ag is threatened by people bringing in and propagating their own heirloom varieties that taste better than the tasteless commercial stuff. So, must destroy all potential competition.

  • shay love
    shay love  7 hours ago

    She destroy them fruit cause she don't eat fruit😈

  • augustine moloko
    augustine moloko  9 hours ago

    Agriculture specialist like Ginger..

  • NRC-Gaming
    NRC-Gaming  12 hours ago

    You see those Monitors in 5:00 ? yep that how rich that airport is

  • Moon Watch
    Moon Watch  13 hours ago

    Fruit is illegal items here too, hoooo boy this human world is going down the shitter quicker than anything. Bring back the days when you could jump on a vessel as a stowaway and if you got caught you washed the dishes and swabbed the decks. Illegal items, f-ck right off, customs needs to die everywhere.

  • Shashwat Seth
    Shashwat Seth  17 hours ago

    So we're wasting all this food everyday ?