Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian - Audience With Weird Names - Extra Cup

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Usually Kenny opens his live chai time show with innocent banter to entertain and warm up his crowd.

    He starts off by asking their names but THIS TIME, Just the names were enough for him to go on a spree.

    Follow Kenny on Twitter @KnowKenny

    Facebook: /standupkenny

    SnapChat: @KnowKenny

    Instagram: @KennethSeb

    Shot by
    Akshay Pillai

    Audio Recording & Mixing - Nishant Agarwal.

    Venue: Cuckoo Club, Pali Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

    Produced by Superhuman Studioz.


  • OmP 133
    OmP 133  9 hours ago

    Kenny is awesome😍

  • sree hari
    sree hari  21 hours ago

    bro u make the malayalis proud😂😂😂😂😂dammn poliiiiii..bro recently i have started watching ur comedy and i really enjoy the shits ur saying😂really enjoyed bro

  • rahul anand
    rahul anand  21 hours ago

    What is that place which city dude 😂

  • Utkarsha Desai
    Utkarsha Desai  yesterday

    Laughing so hard that I was not able to read comments😂

  • Weirdo Reborn
    Weirdo Reborn  4 days ago

    Abishey Mathew and Biswey Kalyan Rath haha

  • Ashwini Khandekar

    U r such an awesome comedian 😘😘😘😘😘Love you soooooooooooo kenny

  • vivek sudhir
    vivek sudhir  5 days ago +1

    Was there a discount for weird names today??!🤣🤣
    That really got me🤣🤣i am Dying

  • Krishnenthu P Nair

    Mr.Bean of India 🥰😆

  • Nadir ali
    Nadir ali  7 days ago

    Is your last name mountain 😂😂😂😂 4:20

  • Anantha Krishnan Ak

    Sometimes come to ur native state bro😂

  • Kevin George
    Kevin George  14 days ago +1

    that awkward moment when an audience name is Kenny Sebastian but you still have to make fun of it.. xP

  • Irene Arathi
    Irene Arathi  14 days ago

    Love that spontainity Kenny. You are a great entertainer

  • sreerag syam
    sreerag syam  14 days ago

    Poori mon

  • Boicy Neitham
    Boicy Neitham  14 days ago

    Kenny, I love you😚❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • jihad azeez
    jihad azeez  14 days ago

    Are ppl paid to laugh?

  • anuhya manda
    anuhya manda  14 days ago

    Why dint I found and Hindu and Muslim names it would have been even more hilarious having 4 to 5 names to one person 😂

  • sanjeev sanjay
    sanjeev sanjay  14 days ago

    try to laugh .. its so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry
    Jerry  14 days ago +1

    എടാ ജോൺസൺ അച്ചായന്റെ മോനേ... നീ മലയാളി അല്ലെടാ😆😂😂😂

    SHINTO JOY  14 days ago +2

    Do you know one of my aunt's name is Ibeita, her elder brother is Iyju , elder sister is Ivi, and younger brother is Ibish all from kerala.

  • Adithyan Em
    Adithyan Em  14 days ago

    The name Kenny sounds like Kennel.😂