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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • I hit markered what would have been one of the greatest kills on Blackout :( fortunately I still won!

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    I sniper someone out of a helicopter before...398 metres

  • xinn 81
    xinn 81  7 months ago

    OMG ,,,YOU HIT HIM HUH¡¡¡ STFU ...that's just luck

  • Le Kha
    Le Kha  8 months ago

    So close but not kill..

  • Fearsome137
    Fearsome137  8 months ago

    Tell the truth if you didn't scream I'd still be looking for this best hit marker.

  • A Burrelljr
    A Burrelljr  8 months ago

    A video of a hit marker😂😂😂 ..I almost bowled a strike only one pin was left😂😂😂😂😂

  • A Praetorian
    A Praetorian  8 months ago +1

    Sometimes the best snipers miss a lot of shots in a row. Y’all don’t get that huh? I normally hit insane snipes . Sometimes I’ll just have a shit game and my shot will be off bad.

  • Wyatt Melton
    Wyatt Melton  8 months ago

    Add me on ps4 Noodlejuice99

  • tyler ernst
    tyler ernst  8 months ago

    Put that sniper away bro. It's sad to watch you snipe.

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985

    If anyone is going to be able to get the kill as they're dropping then its gonna be you pal.

  • Biglfcfan
    Biglfcfan  8 months ago

    Thought u said u was better with sniper scope! That fight with the dude on the roof was painful to watch

  • orkust
    orkust  8 months ago

    1 of 20 kills already like this on Blackout..

  • WorkandGames420
    WorkandGames420  8 months ago

    The paledin is trash now i dont understand how you can can get excited on a weak ass sniper KOSHKA where it at.

    THEIRONSNAKEPR YT  8 months ago

    Need more time with the sniper and you will kill it...

  • BirkenheadBlue
    BirkenheadBlue  8 months ago

    I’ve noticed both Speros and Simmmsy do this thing where when they loot a new weapon, they go to their inventory, drop the gun and immediately pick it up again. Feel like I’m missing something obvious, but no idea why they do that. Can anyone explain?

  • Robin Hay
    Robin Hay  8 months ago

    gormless cunt

  • Zomb1eXpert21
    Zomb1eXpert21  8 months ago

    at first i thought you meant the shot at 5:00.

  • Ryan Cory
    Ryan Cory  8 months ago

    My dog chewed my WiFi cables so I can’t play for weeks f’s in the chat

  • Noctilux0.95
    Noctilux0.95  8 months ago


  • BigFaTHeaD 420
    BigFaTHeaD 420  8 months ago

    Gg dude unlucky

  • Amani Phillip
    Amani Phillip  8 months ago