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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018


  • Vanessa Garcia
    Vanessa Garcia  8 months ago +1467

    Cecily just acted out my daily inner monologues

  • Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres  8 months ago +2006

    It is amazing how much weight Kenan has lost over the past year! He said he wanted to get healthier for his family, and I gotta say man he has delivered.

  • N H
    N H  8 months ago +1470

    Why does Claire Foy low key sound like Reese Witherspoon

  • Fredi Rawce
    Fredi Rawce  8 months ago +751

    Cecily is the strongest, most versatile cast member on SNL.

  • Jack Ceverha
    Jack Ceverha  8 months ago +770

    Cecily really conveys such powerful self hatred and anger in how she implodes. If this was in a drama scene, she would be so tragic.

  • Gab17 D
    Gab17 D  8 months ago +688

    omg was that good acting honestly my heart actually hurt for her losing her tiny products
    i was also laughing my ass off too but i felt bad lol
    Cecily Strong should be an actor in movies and tv shows wow

  • Marino Blocker
    Marino Blocker  8 months ago +792

    Cecily Strong is the best actress on the show

  • Nick Esquer
    Nick Esquer  8 months ago +860

    Claire Foy does an awesome Reese Witherspoon accent 🙏🙏

  • Amy Scott
    Amy Scott  8 months ago +226

    Claire Foy's southern accent is absolutely impeccable. Most fake southern accents are trash but I would have thought she was from Tennessee if I didn't know better

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike  8 months ago +318

    Kinda wish I could have seen these teeny adorables lol

  • svyt
    svyt  8 months ago +132

    "...and I didn't fo-get 'em" is a great line as written, but Aidy's delivery takes that and multiplies it by 10.

  • Angela
    Angela  8 months ago +239

    She said she was terrible with American accents in an interview. Clearly not the case in this episode.

  • Murad Diab
    Murad Diab  8 months ago +443

    It’s unhealthy how much this character reminds me of myself.

  • maya a.
    maya a.  8 months ago +474

    What a colourful vocabulary 💀

  • Keith A. Sanford
    Keith A. Sanford  8 months ago +106

    Cecily channeled Molly Shannon on that "Out...Out...." gesture to her Mother.

  • S _
    S _  8 months ago +381

    “I can only see shadows!”

  • Mokkari77
    Mokkari77  8 months ago +136

    Claire Foy in this sketch looks like a young, hot Blanche from THE GOLDEN GIRLS.

  • malindarayallen
    malindarayallen  8 months ago +44

    I want to start a GoFundMe for her eye surgery.

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007  8 months ago +38

    A. I know people like Cecily's character. Lol.
    B. I felt her pain.

  • Charllee Dodson
    Charllee Dodson  8 months ago +64

    “They’re smashing my wiener, but I love them”