OnePlus 6 Unboxing!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  • Unboxing the new OnePlus 6 -- more info here:► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: iJustineThis video was made in partnership with OnePlus📷 CAMERAS I USE:Sony A7s ii - A7 iii - rx100 v5 - Hero 7 - ONE X -


  • Noah Alexander
    Noah Alexander  a years ago +666

    Compare Justine’s reactions in this video and the iPhone X unboxing.
    Huge differences in expression and emotion.

  • Gaming&Tech
    Gaming&Tech  a years ago +218

    It has a headphone jack

  • Jabchile
    Jabchile  a years ago +53

    When apple sucks so much you have to move on

  • Brolylover007
    Brolylover007  a years ago +14

    1:57 It is not 1 Gigabyte of download speed. It is 1 Gbps(Gigabit per second). That is 8 times slower than 1 Gigabyte per second.

  • Jenna Ezarik
    Jenna Ezarik  a years ago +399

    great video justineeeee!

  • Adam B
    Adam B  a years ago +122

    Am I color blind or is Justine color blind? Because every time she says something is red it looks orange to me. 😂

  • Tennis Ball
    Tennis Ball  a years ago +270

    Why is she so pretty, can't focus.

  • Dylan
    Dylan  a years ago +74

    is this an #ad lol

  • Sarang Sharma
    Sarang Sharma  a years ago +36

    This girl's power channel is dying, its desperately trying to stay alive but its just dying. There needs to be more quick and deep focus on the phone rather than her pretty looks at a coffee shop. More intelligent analysis and deeper not just emotional, 'oh I like this this is so nice looking' I mean come on be serious people watching are not joking around with their time.

  • Ojaswa Chaturvedi
    Ojaswa Chaturvedi  a years ago +31

    The "i" in iJustin is bought by Apple

  • KoobPov X05
    KoobPov X05  a years ago +4

    Do u still use the iPhone X? Cause if don’t I would like it! 👌😉❤️🤣

  • Kadin Sisavat
    Kadin Sisavat  a years ago +2

    Who also smiled when she said to take a picture😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Waseem Saada
    Waseem Saada  a years ago +4

    Why is this an ad and why is it on my feed? Out of everything else to force me to watch it had to be an unboxing video

  • Van Hendrix
    Van Hendrix  a years ago +523

    My favorite channels are posting at the same time

  • Ismail Sifat
    Ismail Sifat  28 days ago

    Watching from OnePlus 6🥰

  • Andre Pitts
    Andre Pitts  a years ago +2

    Carbon Fiber looks silky and amazing cover for 1+ 6

  • Mohit Negi
    Mohit Negi  a years ago +79

    It doesn't matter how much a girl say she like Android but at the end, we all know they all prefer iPhone including her. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sohan Mukku
    Sohan Mukku  a years ago +1

    Everything apple pro likes carbon fiber cases tooo😊😊

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez  a years ago +2

    Oneplus6 equals 7 what a creative name

  • Waseem Saada
    Waseem Saada  a years ago +2

    why does this keep coming up in my feed?