I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 19, 2018
  • “I’ve just been doing everything wrong my whole life.”

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  • Gamer Yt
    Gamer Yt  9 hours ago

    The best part when rie coming shes so cute

  • Saina Ibrahim
    Saina Ibrahim  yesterday

    Am I the only one who has never tasted a crepe cake

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah  2 days ago

    I love adam

    ARIZONA_ CAN  2 days ago

    Rie is a god!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jason Guo
    Jason Guo  2 days ago

    This is so much fun just watching, I’ll make one crepe cake today, wish me good luck!

  • Mohua Babar
    Mohua Babar  3 days ago

    My favourite person/character(s) thingofmajigi are you Rie and you Niki,I don't know why but maybe because you both are from Asia and I'm from Asia too,I'm from Bangladesh,I love Singapore and want there lots of times and I really want to go to Japan so I don't know,so ya you probably think I'm super weird but I I don't care if you think I'm weird so yeah that's me Zarah😅

  • Andi's Channel
    Andi's Channel  4 days ago

    I love Rie

  • Andi's Channel
    Andi's Channel  4 days ago

    Wait, is Niki lesbian?

  • Daddy1724
    Daddy1724  5 days ago

    God. Shes the ugliest asian on earth.

  • #Bagels don't look
    #Bagels don't look  6 days ago +3

    Niki: Makes layers

    Alvin: I am the god of all layer foods.

  • DéLay LéMor
    DéLay LéMor  7 days ago

    Sorry bad show and presentation!!! Was this the fooling around show or was it supposed to be a cooking presentation? Maybe it’s me and I found this presentation very annoying.

  • SgPlum 101
    SgPlum 101  7 days ago

    What are they censored on 12:08..?

  • El Mocro
    El Mocro  7 days ago +3

    Mom: honey, I'm gonna make some crepes.
    Me: yayyy when will they be ready?
    Mom: tOmOrOw

  • Azure Randomness
    Azure Randomness  7 days ago

    I’m here to see suffering

  • Juliana Rizal
    Juliana Rizal  7 days ago

    you are annoying

  • Madison Y
    Madison Y  7 days ago

    12:58 Rie starts dying

  • Pearson Pillay
    Pearson Pillay  7 days ago

    What is the name of the song playing in the beginning of the video?

  • Sunil Yadav
    Sunil Yadav  7 days ago


  • ngakan putu h. purwanta

    I wonder who invented putting tablespoons on the stick of butter wrapping because i bet you before that was a real pain in the ass... I hope you're rich

  • Lina Nguyen
    Lina Nguyen  14 days ago

    11:53 when they didn’t blur out the thing