Jenna Dewan Gets a 'Seatbelt Psychic' Reading from Thomas John

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Late Late show guest Jenna Dewan gets a big surprise when "Seatbelt Psychic" medium Thomas John picks her up to bring her to the show, and Thomas reads from several of Jenna's family members. Watch Thomas John on the season finale of "Seatbelt Psychic" this Wednesday on Lifetime at 10p.

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  • Meredith Cayce
    Meredith Cayce  14 days ago

    Just found all of his “psychic readings” of Jenna on Wiki! Shocker.

  • Ivana Vranic
    Ivana Vranic  21 days ago

    Her reactions look fake😂 dk why

  • Stephanie Nelson
    Stephanie Nelson  1 months ago

    Bullshit. He says its cramped in the back seat. He cam see dead people but where the f do the letters and symbols he sees come from? Straight lie. What an asshole then play it off like he helped her some way.

  • michael lavery
    michael lavery  1 months ago +1

    This scumbag is a fake. Do some research. He certainly has done research on you. That's where he gets his info.

  • Jacque April
    Jacque April  1 months ago +1

    That was super cool, James.
    Jenna, you are lovely! ♐

  • Amanda H
    Amanda H  2 months ago +1

    James has bad breath. He has money but can't fix his breath😂

  • DHScherocha
    DHScherocha  3 months ago

    James, please read this. If any of you actually care about people's grief and gullibility being exploited by con artists, thumbs this up.

    Since the airing of his shows, it's been revealed that every one of the subjects who initially got readings by him were paid actors. Worse than that, this hack is so lazy and sloppy that he just used members of the show's production crew and they are even credited on imdb.

    A team of skeptics also exposed him with a very elaborate sting involving a number of fake characters with fake back stories and profiles for a show he was doing. His readings ended up being direct mirrors from transcripts his team had taken from his subject's Facebook profiles. So all of his readings were deadly accurate. The problem is that the reads were coming from completely fake characters and backstories and absolutely none of it was correct. In fact, the only accurate reads he did were hot reads on audience members he'd already done reads for before.

    Shame on you for giving a platform to and promoting these charlatans and frauds. They exploit the vulnerable and shamelessly prey on people's grief and heartache with exploitative and deceitful practices and information. I thought you had more credibility than this nonsense. This is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous and truly James, it's a horrible indictment of your character that you're openly promoting fraud and deception.

    A link to this con man being exposed:

  • Susan Gerbic
    Susan Gerbic  3 months ago

    Amazing speaker to the dead .... or could it be that he is driving around actors?

  • Zep Tepi
    Zep Tepi  3 months ago

    James Gordon is one of the producers of this bogus show.

  • T Pug
    T Pug  4 months ago

    Guys no bullshit. I’ve never heard of this show until today. I’m very much a skeptic of mediums and I feel like they do research and feed off your emotions. Anyway... my aunt called me repeatedly today & I thought something bad happened. Turns out she had a group reading with this guy. She recorded everything. My grandma passed away last June (my aunts mom). My grandma has 19 grandkids/ grandkids. This guy mentioned my name & my brothers name ONLY & names of people from my moms side (my grandmother was my dads mom) it was so weird. I can’t even get into it. None of this probably makes sense because I’m seriously still in shock. This guy is the real deal.Or so I hope. So crazy. I always had doubts of the afterlife but after today, I really feel differently. I’m grateful for the messages that came through today in my aunts reading that were meant to be delivered to my moms side of the family

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood  5 months ago

    jenna dewan look amazing the late late show james coren !!!

  • Martin Zubero
    Martin Zubero  5 months ago

    Sensationalizing fake psychos...I mean psychics.

  • RJ Spear
    RJ Spear  5 months ago

    James saying he is obsessed with this show is a bit of BS. He created and exec produces Seatbelt Psychic.

  • Paul Colbourne
    Paul Colbourne  6 months ago

    What a load of shit

  • dsimpki
    dsimpki  6 months ago

    Thomas John is a Fraud.

  • Tim Hammond
    Tim Hammond  6 months ago

    He's been busted for cheating:

  • Kon A
    Kon A  7 months ago

    She is an actress and her acting skills here are ....dissapointing....

  • countmein33
    countmein33  7 months ago

    She's shiny!

  • joe rodrigues
    joe rodrigues  7 months ago

    Thomas John is a medium (he can connect with the dimension of the spirits). He was hired by the channel to be a "uber" surprise to people. If he feels something (spirits) he manifests himself, in case he has nothing he makes the journey and only that. Important! He is not Spiritist (Doctrine codified by Allan Kardec). To be medium independent of the Doctrine to which the person belongs. Someone can be medium and have no religion or doctrine or be Catholic, Chistian or Evangelical, because it is an organic faculty. And yes, it is spontaneous, people do not know that he will be carrying them.

  • Arabel Vannesa
    Arabel Vannesa  8 months ago

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