A Woman's Presence is Help, Not Her Money

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 17, 2019
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  • SheRaSeven1
    SheRaSeven1  4 months ago +42

    subscribe to my beauty channel here is my video with this make up look https://youtu.be/xnDTlCNDAaM

  • monica VEGA
    monica VEGA  7 hours ago

    What kind of hair extensions are those?

  • Angel
    Angel  yesterday

    Even the Bible says that when a man finds a wife he obtains favour from the Lord. The favour is for securing the bag (amongst other benefits) and bringing it to his wife. So maybe some of these dustys should get familiar with the Lord first then they will get wisdom to create wealth and stop complaining about economic crisis. Ladies to should get with the Lord so he can level you up himself. I told God I wanted to get married and he led me to stop working immediately, he’s been grooming me to be a wife and I’m guessing I was led to your videos to learn how to be a feminine woman as I thought being a bosschick was it yet none of my relationships lasted though I was dating high profile men, sadly my approach was that of they should appreciate me as I’m beautiful, well put together and had a high salary and needed nothing from them, boy was I wrong. God has always provided for me with a good job that covered all my bills insurance and extravagant lifestyle so somehow I ended up not needing men and becoming too independent that I acquired that masculine energy. I was shocked to learn that you can be a woman,even beautiful but still have masculine energy that repels men. im glad to know that femininity can be reset. The guy im seeing now knows im not working and im not giving up the cookie, yet he still wants to move forward with the relationship, see God😊 Ladies these men will level up only if we level up. As Shera says, they’re only waiting to be given their Job description and they will rise to the occasion. Love your content Shera, some of your advice is abit too savage for me as Christian woman ie having multiple sugar daddies but im not judging, I still watch your videos and take what’s applicable to me, you’re truly the mother most women wish they had. Thank you.

  • Courtni Bella
    Courtni Bella  21 days ago +1

    This woman is the TRUTH.... No chasers

  • VintageAfro91
    VintageAfro91  1 months ago +1

    The title of this video is so true. The presence of a feminine woman is powerful.

  • June Grace
    June Grace  1 months ago

    Yasssssss !!!! Just yessss

  • Tye B
    Tye B  1 months ago +4

    I am crying so much. God bless you Shera. I was never taught any of this and wasted so many years. My mother suffered a lot and so does my older sister. I won't let this continue to happen to me.

  • Rian Hardy - WPG-C
    Rian Hardy - WPG-C  1 months ago

    "Throw some fake family in there" hahaha

  • Privileged White Male

    “Attract a dustie” mistaken for “Attracting dust”
    it’s called being old.

  • Eric Eden
    Eric Eden  2 months ago

    Now I understand why there are so many cat ladies in America. It all makes sense now.

  • daisy zoya
    daisy zoya  2 months ago

    Thanks shera. I just want to let you know I be created a fake job totell guys when they ask me. I m a doctor. But I tell them I sell supplements. I get more dates.

  • A.R.
    A.R.  2 months ago

    I knew a chick named Starkesha lmao. You funny! I love these videos.

  • Mrs. J
    Mrs. J  2 months ago

    Oh... thank you Shera! Hubby is a 🔥 sign 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • T_ JJADE
    T_ JJADE  2 months ago

    Girl you be putn us on game for real. You are very much appreciated and beautiful.. Your a strong woman and definitely learned by experience. You are admired hun😘

  • EJ Strawberry
    EJ Strawberry  2 months ago

    I just need to know where to get the kimono robe. It's gorgeous.

  • Eva Wright
    Eva Wright  2 months ago +1

    A LOT of men today are looking for sugar mamas for their come up. After you give them a come up they move on. Save the come up for yourself. Build yourself and your empire.

  • Business lady
    Business lady  2 months ago

    Look at how Steve Harvey did his first wife who stuck by his side.

  • Danielle Lewis
    Danielle Lewis  3 months ago

    thanks. can you do a video on the type of standards a woman should have.

  • sara
    sara  3 months ago +1

    honestly been watching her videos for a week only and already people noticing change in me getting so many compliments i have a different look about me in reality im just being more confident to be honest thank you shera also ready to get the man with means now will update 😏

  • Sandra Jefferson
    Sandra Jefferson  3 months ago +1

    The reason they want 50/50 relationship is they want to take the 50% your providing and putting into a another household for the other woman which they could now afford to get since they only need to pay 50% which his only paying for his half of the shares of the expense. He has enough money to afford another woman don’t do it ladies!