The Age of Addiction: How Bad Habits Became Big Business w/ David T. Courtwright - MR Live - 7/15/19

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2019
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    David T. Courtwright, author of The Age of Addiction: How Bad Habits Became Big Business and presidential professor emeritus in the Department of History at the University of North Florida, joins us. We are live at 12:00 ET.

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  • Ms. Felony Strutter
    Ms. Felony Strutter  4 months ago

    Well you gotta be addicted to something....I smoke my Vslim 120's anyone who has an issue fuck you.

  • SàiGònMan
    SàiGònMan  5 months ago

    Yep, it’s a crazy situation but all I need are cigarettes and alcohol.

  • SàiGònMan
    SàiGònMan  5 months ago

    Yep, it’s a crazy situation but all I need are cigarettes and alcohol.

  • Sambringit
    Sambringit  5 months ago

    Everything about this show is awesome.....but the best thing is the starting theme song

  • seto749
    seto749  5 months ago

    I'll never vote for Mr Trump, but, as a character voter, I can't see myself ever voting for Ms Cortez either. Who died and made HER Patrick Chan? If her compassion is so clearly limited as appears by her own testimony, then I must hope that she never gains widespread power.

    And everyone on the panel was entirely only joking when you all gleefully described the execution of gays. Yes, there's a clear difference between something that is clearly not advocacy and a serious comment being called a joke afterwards, but a joke that you'd really like to see happen isn't much better - and I do contend that the high level of contempt with which virtually all gays are treated by your panel invites the inference that you'll all be thrilled by the next time someone gay is murdered or executed in the US - so long, of course, as you can blame his death on the Republicans.

    Enjoy going to same-sex weddings while you still can, as they won't be around a lot longer - and no doubt you'll try to use that against your political enemies without doing anything to help gays at all (though Mr Brooks will make sure to help the trans). And when your lot next gets power, you won't just allow the non-white people whom you call the future to stomp all over the gays, you'll tell them to do so as the way to keep power - all the while calling yourself our allies.

  • Naturalistmind
    Naturalistmind  5 months ago

    oh yeah im immune to these marketing tricks, now just let me get back to my dailies in swtor while I drink my coffee and pet my dog.


    My brother, lifetime meth and for a brief stint crack and or heroin, addict, was a philosophy major in college. He's definitely not the reason I developed a ferocious drug habit, that would fall more in the domain of two other more distant family members, where such blame was applicable. As a result, I was a YCL/CPUSA member by thirteen, and at that point I was wasting most of my young life ADDing to the many semi-pointless ideological (plus, etc etc etc, fuck all, everything else too, kitchen sink also please) taking place on the circa ~2000/2001 Rage Against the Machine Board. Slowly, as realization of the world around me made forceful mental/spiritual contact with my understanding of it, and glorously attempted with considerably pretty to observe fail-spirit to mesh with how I was beginning to conceive of how the world should be, well, eventually I said somewhere along the line of all that, NAH FUCK YOU REALITY! I'M MAKE MY OWN IN MY HEAD, OBLIGATORY PLUS PLUS BLACKJACK, HOOKERS, and since I'm so fucking Progressive wit it, TRANNY HOOKERS TOO, but only dime passables on the payroll and anyway, drugs are great for that. All was well. Then I started smoking speed with a cousin of mine, BAD IDEA. Life is now fucked up Etc Etc Etc. I had a MASSIVE MASSIV MASSIVE reply about half to a quarter finished but my fingers hurt so bad... I just wanna say this in the interim: I have fucking heaps to say on this matter, but no one ever seems interested in hearing what an addict his/her/they/etc self might think on the matter. Even if I can articulate down to the nitty gritty minituae many things I've to yet to, honestly, hear anyone say, talk or discuss in anyhting but hte most absolutely NICHE EXTREMIS corners of the internet. How about it guys? Polydrug dependent addict who wants to explain why the "OPIOID AND OR OPIATE EPIDEMIC" is really more like weather than an epidemic?!?! The people getting screwed by the accompanying hysteria?!?!?! How about this: LEGALIZE. TAX, LICENSE, REGULATE! In the meantime, minimal fines/community service, if this much, for repeated basic public drug possession of intoxication, subsidized treatment facilities and how rehabs are FUCKED UP and could be fixed but not without some kind of government run healthcare, housing, free higher education, etc. all comprising part of a larger social safety net for addicts which would minimize the time time people toil and suffer in the woe, misery, loneliness and damaging bottom feeding that often leads to people spending most of their life as non-functional individuals?

    Yo, I got you guys. Mike, Mikey, I bet this appeals to you on some level, eh? I bet you've hoovered up your fair share of ....mmm... delicious...delectable... pharmaceutical amphetamines?

    Oooof.... Actually maybe I won't call you Mikey. RIP EYEDEA ("How Much Do You Pay" was playing as I fucking wrote this which is a song Michael I have no doubt would fucking appreciate, thank me later, dog). I mean, he died in 2010, but he would still be around if perhaps he had access to the nalaxone inhalers, nalaxone vials, knowledge and information of the harm reducation and practical sort, etc. that I have been blessed in the extreme to have. Although, more than anything, I must confess that while I have saved two other people with nalaxone/naltrexone (my own brother, who was desparate to feel better while coming down off a speed bender and proceeded to go OUT OFF OF MY COTTON RINSE WTF BRO YOU SURVIVED A GRAM OF CHINA IN PITTSBURGH IN THE NINETIES but almost died more thanks to quickly puking and aspirating vomit into his lungs before I could even move him from a sitting up position. The other person was the clueless noob girlfriend of a particularly shitty individual who told us not to bother asking her if she needed help becase "ONLY I KNOW HOW MUCH IS SAFE FOR HER!" He then proceeds to dose her in dangerous, blue lips level excess. I don't know quite why but the dude liked to shoot up Suboxone which along with Buprenorphine for easing W/D also contain Nalaxone, and he had one all prepped and I still can't quite belive it worked but my friend and I who were visiting him and his girl were able to use this concoction to reverse said idiot-BF administered OD. Welp, there goes a chunk of my harm reduction talking points.

    Yeah, anyway, I got a lot to say on the subject and although I may come off as a total yahoo, I assure you, I'm just a really really lit yahoo, but an articulate with wordskies one.


    [a] piece out (mmm, byebyes are tasty ...I guess now)

  • Desecration
    Desecration  5 months ago

    1:18:00 An out-of-touch Boomer? Imagine my shock.

  • Wilson Combatgirl
    Wilson Combatgirl  6 months ago +1

    What is it about the US that makes it the country that uses the most and illegal. Land of the free, home of the impaired.

  • dusty48
    dusty48  6 months ago

    Sam said "African American People of Color" 😆

  • Frank
    Frank  6 months ago

    lots of clean-shaven faces for people being in there for 40 days without being able to shave. Funny how he didnt notice that.

  • Kirla
    Kirla  6 months ago

    Comment signaling engagement.

  • Halbumen
    Halbumen  6 months ago

    republican messaging is like an insidious drug: as the tolerance of its addicts increases they need ever heavier doses just to get some effect

  • No Way
    No Way  6 months ago +1

    Hey, just want to point out that Andrew Yang is talking about this. Just gonna leave that here. He has a policy regarding children and smartphone usage and says, "the smartest minds of a generation are turning our phones into dopamine delivery devices." I know his name is mud here, but ...

  • Tralfamadora Márquez

    Alternative Tentacles, Phantom Limbs, and Ambivalent Vibrations

  • Tralfamadora Márquez

    about 44:00

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis  6 months ago

    I missed Jaime. Even if she's got the post communist camp Mondays.

  • Adam Webb
    Adam Webb  6 months ago

    2:44:25 - is right

  • xtralimit
    xtralimit  6 months ago

    Masdebate Dave Smith from Legion of Skanks!

  • Bijou Smith
    Bijou Smith  6 months ago

    On the ageism: Bernie has reserves of youthfulness he can still tap, he is fiscally conservative and does not understand the role of taxation in a fiat economy with reserve banking, if he un-learned neoclassical economics he'd be even fresher and even more hopeful and dynamic. Fiscal conservatism is a set of artificial constraints on economic justice by choice (usually because folks think of government as like a household, a completely false analogy), we need people not to choose that road to austerity.