Explore: Great White Meditation

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • The calm and crystal clear waters off the coast of Mexico's Guadalupe Island are a meditative oasis. Watch as great white sharks swim placidly underneath the surface, at times so slowly they appear to be merely floating with the ocean's currents. Schools of fish swim in synchrony and a lone sea lion performs a graceful underwater dance to an audience of predators.

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  • Drew Shourd
    Drew Shourd  1 months ago +1

    More than i love the GW sharks shown here, I LOVE the absence of heavy music and/or over dramatized commentary...much appreciated....

  • Dovie Dossett
    Dovie Dossett  6 months ago +2

    Best relaxation video ever. Of course, you need to not think about the fact that the reason these great whites are so relaxed is because they're blissing on elephant seal pups. ;-)

  • Cyproduction
    Cyproduction  10 months ago +3

    Such contained power, so peaceful yet ready to burst all out... amazing creatures.

  • Sara Kinder
    Sara Kinder  a years ago +3

    Wow ! This is so beautiful!!