How To Escape The Friendzone

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
  • If you know how to get out of the friendzone, let us know in the comment section below!

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  • // Chen
    // Chen  7 days ago +1

    Well... u can't

  • Roku Flame
    Roku Flame  14 days ago +2

    A girl called me bro.

    It was my sister

  • Duncan V
    Duncan V  28 days ago

    Steady up bro 😂

  • Kim C
    Kim C  28 days ago

    I hate that "fuking bro fist" 😢 kena few times... Very sad

  • Sam Wu
    Sam Wu  a months ago

    Haha very funny

  • wang sam
    wang sam  a months ago

    I was friendzoned when I was in high school

  • Eugene Chern Yue
    Eugene Chern Yue  2 months ago


  • The WD
    The WD  2 months ago

    Hua hee sekolah !

  • Pixel
    Pixel  2 months ago

    Bro again ah?! 😂🤣😂

  • jessica huesing
    jessica huesing  3 months ago

    Count how many times they said my name.

  • ai yo
    ai yo  4 months ago +2


  • teaxstains
    teaxstains  4 months ago +1

    Easy way for gals to get out of the friendzone: let him accidentally see you naked or half naked. Confirm he won't see you as a friend already after that

  • phill Anderson
    phill Anderson  4 months ago +1

    ss15 heaven of bubbles tea hahaha

  • arib tajuddin
    arib tajuddin  4 months ago

    Who is the girl in black?

  • Franz Leslie
    Franz Leslie  4 months ago

    She can't friendzone you if you're not friends anymore.

  • jaimerants
    jaimerants  4 months ago

    You don’t

  • Havish Shamkuwar
    Havish Shamkuwar  4 months ago

    What's the name of a song?... When boy said call me oppa!

  • Alanpoh Kyo
    Alanpoh Kyo  4 months ago

    Just say don’t call me bro . Done

  • nicgcored killer
    nicgcored killer  4 months ago +1

    i use to be in a friendzone but after a year i was out because her dad like me ao much

  • Coll In
    Coll In  4 months ago

    Why were the older videos from 4 years ago had their comment section disabled? Can anyone explain