On IGTV and YouTube Competition!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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  • Blue Cityzen
    Blue Cityzen  a years ago +1436

    I just want instagram to give me chronological order back.

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  a years ago +1739

    Damn, that's a handsome shirt. Please wear it while jumping over someone during an ultimate game.

  • Channel 1
    Channel 1  a years ago +366

    Youtube is not going to go down! also guys you can get IGTV Views from IGTVGains (.) com

  • Arcasting
    Arcasting  a years ago +166

    YouTube is King.

  • Mayuresh Mishra
    Mayuresh Mishra  a years ago +34

    Where is Dailymotion?? You missed that!!!

  • Raja Rajpal
    Raja Rajpal  a years ago +65

    So he's actually promoting another video streaming application(IGTV)on a Different video streaming application (YouTube) 😏😏

  • sucksqueezebangblow
    sucksqueezebangblow  a years ago +461

    Soooo, IGTV only comes in vertical... yeah, that'll last.

  • Winner Singh
    Winner Singh  a years ago +76

    Problem with Instagram is they did not allow horizontal video to upload, as a YouTuber we all create a video horizontally for YouTube 1080p, so YouTube is best.

  • El Indigeno
    El Indigeno  a years ago +86

    No thanks. I'm sticking witg youtube

  • S Deshwal
    S Deshwal  a years ago +1493

    Clap! Clap! Meme review

  • Blackaz
    Blackaz  a years ago +54

    Pornhub has been doing a pretty good job

    ASHISH KUMAWAT  8 months ago +4

    Person: dude what d'you do?
    I'm on Instagram...
    Person : so what
    I'm a Facebook creator
    Person: hmmm
    I'm a YouTuber...
    Person: hey celeb.....🤩

  • Asibi.S
    Asibi.S  a years ago +20

    copyrights , Facebook is stealing creators how could you support stealing yourself.

  • Positive Investing
    Positive Investing  a years ago +275

    Who else thinks of HGTV when they hear IGTV?

  • Ian Coates
    Ian Coates  a years ago +1259

    All I see is that Hot Ones shirt.

  • Kelethuto Neikha
    Kelethuto Neikha  a years ago +10

    Someone definitely got paid from Instagram. 😏😏

  • Road to the 2 Comma Club
    Road to the 2 Comma Club  a years ago +104

    YouTube > IGTV for viewing/creators.

  • Stein
    Stein  a years ago +13

    g+ trying to get into that YouTube pie? Yeah ok

  • San Francisco 49ers-Wolverines

    No thanks, I’ll catch you on YouTube.

  • Veridian
    Veridian  a years ago +818

    Time to launch the TV service of the future, the MKBTV