We Ate Everything With Samyang Sauce For 72 Hours | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 114

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • In this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, Weilun, Ally, Chiara and Bolin take on the 72-hour Samyang Sauce Challenge. Watch and see who can push through the challenge and what kind of crazy combinations they came up with the sauce.All our videos are non-paid reviews unless specifically stated.Check this article to find out more: https://eatbook.sg/samyang-sauce/Follow Eatbook!https://eatbook.sg/https://facebook.com/eatbooksghttps://instagram.com/eatbooksgFeaturing:Lee Wei Lun - https://instagram.com/weilunleee/Alison Tan - https://instagram.com/alisonaliceally/Chiara Ang - https://instagram.com/chiaraang/Bolin Chen - https://www.instagram.com/doughnutcoo...Filmed by:Hui Qing Koh - https://www.instagram.com/chingqingbear/Tan Ee Jing - https://www.instagram.com/jingle.tangle/Maverick Chua - https://www.instagram.com/mavcly/Edited by:Tan Ee Jing Business and sponsorship enquiries:


  • clarice sim
    clarice sim  14 days ago +197

    I see that a lot of the staff that da bao food get plastic/styrofoam containers and plastic untensils. Maybe do a episode where the whole office goes zero waste? for a week and see who is willing to pick up the habit

  • Jovin Lau
    Jovin Lau  14 days ago +238

    and Bolin will never know the truth about Chiara’s Chili skin... poor Bolin hahahaha

  • haechan's sunflower _
    haechan's sunflower _  14 days ago +315

    omg bolin damn gentleman sia but he every episode like so tough

  • wän yingg
    wän yingg  14 days ago +193

    Omg bolin helped her tank 1 second of sauce and she even added the chilli into his sauce 😭

  • Xelareia Desu
    Xelareia Desu  14 days ago +186

    I just want to know that after all these spicy challenges don't you guys have pimples growing?:o

  • Louis BB
    Louis BB  14 days ago +159

    Hats off to Bo Lin at the last part! damn commendable siaa

  • Reallylu0wei
    Reallylu0wei  14 days ago +94

    Poor Bolin, I feel bad for him. Anyways, I feel like they all might have stomachaches the next day. Maybe they could try eating/ drinking their favourite food/drink for a week?

  • Quirkless Hero
    Quirkless Hero  14 days ago +26

    We don't deserve Bolin. Sabotaged so many times but still take it like a champ hahaha. Somebody give this man a trophy!

  • Galen TZR
    Galen TZR  14 days ago +6

    Samyang Spicy Sauce x2 (red bottle) la! This one no kick one!

  • Noor Hapizah Abdul Wahid

    walao...gastric pain is calling

  • Jeffrey Peh
    Jeffrey Peh  7 days ago +3

    love the edit in this video !! HAHAH bolin so sporty

  • Reallylu0wei
    Reallylu0wei  14 days ago +5

    OMG! I did not know that everyone love it, I tried it and can't even bear with one bite

  • 琳Lynn
    琳Lynn  4 days ago

    Hshshhshsh can yall make a like zero waste ep?? Or at least like metal straws, bring your own dabao box..

  • peachhymilkk !
    peachhymilkk !  14 days ago +25

    my stomach pain for bolin at the end ...

  • aesthetic froyo
    aesthetic froyo  7 days ago +1

    Producer: Are you ready?
    Wei Lun: yeSSSSsSSS!

  • Joeby
    Joeby  14 days ago +12

    Bolin is a CHAMPION!

  • Clarissa Wong
    Clarissa Wong  7 days ago +6

    Wtf chiara put chilli in bolin’s sauce then bolin help her with one second! WTF! So unfair! Does the producer or director not object to such behaviour. This makes chiara look very mean. She shld be helping bolin with one second instead! WTF!!!!

  • Mr. Airplane
    Mr. Airplane  14 days ago +3

    Are your stomachs okay after that? 😅😭

  • Gluepops
    Gluepops  14 days ago +2

    The ring of fire will be strong the next day

  • ghostrecon112
    ghostrecon112  14 days ago +2

    Next should be wasabi challenge. That’ll be cool